Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obama Threatens Indiana!

Obama Administration threatens Indiana over defunding Planned Parenthood

Tue May 24, 2011 17:53 EST

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 24, 2011 ( – The Obama administration is not happy with Indiana for being the first state to defund Planned Parenthood. According to reports, the administration is considering taking away the state’s Medicaid money in retaliation.

Pro-life Gov. Mitch Daniels recently signed into law a measure that bars state agencies from entering into contracts with abortion providers, aside from hospitals. The law also bans abortion past 20 weeks gestation, with an exception for the life or physical health of the mother.

The law effectively cuts Planned Parenthood off from approximately $3 million in state family planning funds, unless the state organization divides into separate independent affiliates that have nothing to do financially with abortion-providing affiliates.

The New York Times reports that federal officials are considering withholding some or all of the state’s Medicaid money in order to pressure the state to allow the nation’s largest abortion provider to tap into family planning funds. Click "Here" for the full article.


Well, Well, Well!!!...In a way this is really not too big of a surprise to me when it comes to the Obama administration. I guess if each state does not conform to the "moral thinking" of Washington D.C. then BIG BROTHER will punish them.

You might recall that Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana signed a bill that made his state the first to cut off Planned Parenthood from taxpayer assistance because of its role in the abortion business. It will be interesting to see what happens here because Indiana has taken the lead in the fight against using taxpayer's money to fund abortions.

Let us all continue to pray for our government, especially for the Obama administration.


T-WAC said...

Heck, why do they have to have taxpayer money to fund abortions?
They already cost enough!

Barrak Obama has no right to call himself a democrat. He's a socialist. And taking away funding from a state just because they don't conform with his ideals is not democratic. It's almost communist.
That's the problem with having the government controlling so much of our lives and our money.

Chascoda said...

I think NY should join Indiana. Alot of people argue it would be like getting rid of cigarettes - The economy would be messed up. Who cares? The money we pay getting abortions would be made up for the money being spent by the new lives in America that, for once, we haven't killed.

rcubes said...

Most of the time, all it needs is for "one" to stand up for what is right. May the truth prevail!

God bless.

Susan Kane said...

Obama will be examined by history, and found wanting. I listened to his speech on Israel and reducing it to the pre-1967 borders. His face and words were cold, without emotion. Then I heard Netanyahu (sp), and was inspired by his wise words.
We must remember that Israel is the nation of God's people, and we as a nation need to protect them.

dfish said...

Arizona faces cutting their federal funding for trying to stop illegal immigration, Wisconsin faces federal pressure for their actions about Government employee unions, and Indiana for refusing to fund abortions. If they'd do what the constitution defines as their job, these things wouldn't be issues.

Essentially the federal government has declared our constitution meaningless.

Ashley said...

I'm from when I heard Mitch Daniels was doing this...I was raising my arms to the sky and cheering him on. Of course Obama would do something against this. What an amazing man he ISN'T.

The Owl Nest said...

Not surprising. ob threatens America, and Christians - period.

As more and more is taken away, only the Body will not feel the pinch: Father told us about this ... it is now here. Who will trust Father instead of the government?


gracerolf said...

You should continue to pray for your government and how Obama stays in power to save you from yourselves.
Socialism isn't evil by the way.

The Owl Nest said...

Troll alert ... graceolf is not legit; this is an internet troll bent on causing strife.


gracerolf said...

omg.. I won't continue to harrass you on this unbelievable blog. I am a Christian from Canada who enjoys our socialist medical plan. I know if I ever get cancer I won't loose my home after paying for treatment, nor will my unemployed relatives. If only you could see your country from the outside. God's blessings to you all.
We have Bibles in Canada too!
Psalm 111: 2-3
Great are the works of the Lord;
they are pondered by all who delight in them.
Glorious and majestic are his deeds and his righteousness endures forever.


Lloyd said...

gracerolf - First off I would like to thank you for your visit. I am always praying for the USA and our government leaders who are elected to serve the people. I do not recall ever saying that socialism was evil... it is not about politics or even governments that reign on this earth - it is about a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I personally do not agree with what Val posted, but being you did not have a return address to communicate, she probably felt that you were just surfing in to stir up a little strive. You have to admit that when you said, "You should continue to pray for your government and how Obama stays in power to save you from yourselves." was sort of a negative remark.

I am truly sorry that you feel that my blog is "unbelievable" for I always seek the Lord before posting or commenting. It is such a blessing to hear that you are a believer in our Lord and Savior and I am happy that you are content with a government that is socialist. I know that you may see the U.S.A. from a different perspective then I do, but I can tell you this... I love my country probably just as much as you love yours.

I know you were just being sarcastic about the Bible remark, but remember that if you are truly a Christian, then you have the same God, the same Lord, and the same Holy Spirit that I have. Thank you for quoting Psalm 111:2-3; it is one of my favorite scriptures. God's blessings to you. Lloyd

gracerolf said...

My apologies, my sarcasim was uncalled for. I also, shouldn't have judged your blog by the comments but on first glance, it looked like a political blog spot.
all I will say is... I am sorry and Peace be with You.

Lloyd said...

gracerolf - Thank you again for your visit and I hope that you will come again. May our Lord be with you today. God bless, Lloyd