Thursday, May 20, 2010

Peaceful Pro-Lifers Threatened With Violence

(This video contains offensive language)

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

VANCOUVER, May 19, 2010 ( - On the day after Canada's National March for Life drew unprecedented crowds and national media coverage, an enraged young man threatened a group of pro-lifers peacefully witnessing to the tragedy of abortion at a busy Vancouver intersection.

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This seems to be the trend now-a-days on the streets all over the world.  The young man in this video was very aggressive and threatening to these peaceful demonstrators.  Let us pray for people that feel that they have to resort to violence in order to make their point regarding moral values and religious beliefs.  God's blessings, Lloyd


Man vs. Suburbs Guy said...

Call my a cynic, but seems as if someone is imposing their beliefs on someone else. Isn't that a bad thing?

Lloyd said...

I don't think you are cynical... The bottom line here, I believe, is the issue of "Freedom of Speech" where non-violent protesters against "Abortion" wished to let the general public know how they felt.

This could have very well been a demonstration with non-violent protesters for "Pro-Choice" when it comes to a women's right to have an abortion.

The point being…Everyone should be safe to voice his or her opinions in public when it comes to moral or religious issues, as long as it does not cause a riot or breach of the peace.

Violence begets Violence. God bless, Lloyd

woman:confused said...

You know, that's really sad. It's like the pro-lifers blowing up occupied abortion clinics to "prevent murder". It doesn't make sense.

I was in San Francisco this past weekend in a hotel next to the convention center. There was a national convention being held by the American College of OBGYNs (ACOG). There were many pro-lifers on the streets, protesting the beliefs of ACOG (by saying they endorse abortions are baby killers, etc) and they were handing out leaflets etc. Their posters and signs were quite disturbing and while they were somewhat misinformed (calling all OBGYNs and all attendees of the convention baby killers) they were PEACEFUL.
Nobody bothered them, they only bothered people by being annoying. (graphic pictures on the signs, a PA system, etc)

After seeing this for many days, I cannot fathom any instance where this would cause rage in someone else to where they attacked.

Gregg said...

Freedom of speech is always championed until "your" cause is negatively highlighted. Funny how fundamental christianity seems to be the only thing not tolerated in a world which preaches toleration.

Ginx said...

Wow, a verbal threat... that certainly compares to shooting someone.

LDH said...

Hello LLoyd, Nice to stop by and visit your blog. I have perused several of your posts and enjoy the God-honoring content.

Happy to have you following along at my place.

Kindly, ldh

Lisa said...

Hi Lloyd,

First of all I have to say thank you for letting us know this video contains offensive language...I almost clicked on it while my three year old daughter is sitting with me.

Second, I have been wondering why I haven't seen your posts come up on my dash board and you were not posting...I forgot to join...I am working with a home school mothers brain ~ Sometimes I think I did something and then forget. Forgive me! :)

I have fixed the problem and will have to come back to catch up.

Third...I left you a little surprise on my blog. From Wednesday May 19 ~ Hope you like and if you don't have time for bloggy business I understand.

Have a great day,

Peace be with you Lloyd and I'll be back when I have a few minutes alone.


Xmas Dolly said...

I just found you're follow, and I thought I would return same. I watched this video & it seems to me freedom of speech goes both ways, but that man was physically speaking that's not the same thing & he was picking on older gentlemen he was half there age. He was nothing, but a bored creep looking for a ego boost. Shameful! Someday he'll be their age, and I hope he thinks back to this day. Thank you for your follow I hope you come back soon.

Flory said...

nice blog you have here... thanks for visiting my blog, i'm now a follower! have a nice day!

One Heart said...

When I look at this young man all I see is a son--someone's son. I think that's how God sees all of us. There must be pain and frustration in his heart due to the lies of the enemy and the evil increasing in these dark times. Only one thing can conquer this as well as the comments some may make against free speech and Christians, LOVE. Bring it on!! Love is greater.

Lloyd, I think that with all the access to the internet, television, etc., nowadays, people are so pumpt up even by stations such as Fox who sometimes, although presenting truth, can be just as cynical as CNN. Then online it is worst with a zillion comments and cynics comming at you from every direction. This poor young man is simply a victim of our society.

I may be mistaken but wasn't he taunting someone with a CHOICE sign vs. prolife? So was he just going against prolifers are anyone exercising their freedom of speech quietly? Either way, we must pray my friend. We must pray.

Lily Robinson said...

I have a favorite T. On the back it says, "Friends don't let friends go to hell." As for the one who thinks we shouldn't 'impose' our beliefs on others, if they could save a person's life, would they choose not to because they didn't want to impose?

Niecy said...

Very interesting article.
I like your blog. We share the same beliefs. I'm now following your blog. God Bless and continue to be a faithful servant of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

One Heart said...

Took another look and can see that that the sign is pro-life. Watched too fast last time. I tend to feel even more compassion for him because he's blind. Let us continue to pray.

tiggysmum70 said...

Thank you for inviting me to your blog. This video was enlightening. Too many people "lump" all doctors and pro-lifers together, when in turn the few are what gives the majority a bad name. I am pro-life, for the most part, and the only time I would even fathom abortion is in the cases of incest and rape. I have believed this my whole life. To rid yourself, as a woman, of a baby just b/c it is not convenient is just plain WRONG!

Thanks again for the invite, I will be back! :)