Friday, May 14, 2010

Laura Bush: "It's Good that Gay Marriage is Coming"

While claiming that she could "understand totally" those who disagreed with her, the former first lady said that same-sex "marriage" is "a generational thing” to which older people feel more resistance, and will therefore come with time. Click here for the complete story.

I found this article somewhat surprising because of the strong faith that George W. Bush expressed through out his presidency. Just goes to show us "fellows" that our wives may have a totally different opinion on social and moral issues then we do.  God bless, Lloyd


Emeila said...

I also found it surprising and confusing due to her husbands faith. Have a blessed day

RCUBEs said...

Scary...It's truly only the Lord Who knows each person's heart. Reminds me of McCain's wife, too and his daughter having different views than him. Sometimes, I wonder, are they doing it for popularity or that's what they stand for in reality? It's so easy for others to compromise to this world when the Lord wants us to stand for what is right. Clearly. Blessings.

susanwalkergirl said...

Lloyd that indeed is a disturbing store. I wouldn't have guessed that Laura or President Bush would say anything like that because of their expressed Christian faith.

Gay marriage is not a generation's against God's law. As is adultery, and all sex outside of marriage between one man and one woman.

That's what happens when we listen to man and let the world dictate our values. That kind of truth and values is built on shifting sands.

Thanks for sharing. Susan

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

This is surprising and confusing. What in the world? Either we believe what the Bible says or we don't!

I'm sorry to read about your son. We lost my Uncle several years ago. He left behind a wife and daughter. He came out of the closet, lived that way for 3 years, tried to go straight again and then hung himself. It was so awful for my Grandpa.

Suicide is a horrible thing and affects so many people.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. You blessed me today.


Scott said...

This is surprising. I think it shows what can happen when we begin to yield to the desires of the flesh. As a father I know it would be hard for me if one of my children was to desire a same sex relationship. Every loving parent wants their children to be happy, but we must be careful not to condone a sin while expressing our parental love. As a parent I must remember to put their heavenly salvation above my earthly desire for their happiness in the flesh. I will always love my children, but I can never condone sin.

Gregg said...

I have never heard either one them say the things that would convince me that they are believers.

Don't forget not everyone who says that they are, are (Matthew 7)

I also don't know how he defines the gospel and the atoning work of Christ. I know the gospel is simple, but it is not simple.

They don't seem to have a solid basis and deep theology. Sadly, if they are believers they need to be discipled and taught biblically instead of politically.


Lloyd, I have to say I don't believe it is a gender thing to have a different opinion. My husband and I disagree on many things, but then so do me and my female family and friends. I am disappointed in Laura Bush for her statement and her belief. I do have to say that she correct in saying it is only a matter of time before gay marriage is not an issue at all, only another practice in our society. After all, the Bible says the world is becoming more ungodly as time goes on. We are in the days when there is no such thing as lukewarm Christians who go along with the world. Either we are for Him or we are against Him. Hot or cold. As for me, I am for Him, on fire with the message, led by His Spirit. Thanks Lloyd for sharing this article. Very controversial for all but those of us led by Truth.

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

I think a lot of politicians and their family members say whatever they think people want to hear to get into office. Who says George doesn't really agree with his wife?
While I am against gay marriages, and I don't condone homosexuality I do not judge anyone and certainly treat homosexuals and straight as all human beings worthy of love and compassion.
Thanks for visiting me.

Little Speckled Thoghts of Mine said...

This shocked me! I always expect husband and wives to have the same view points, guess that was an ignorant assupmtion!

Linda said...

This is quite shocking!Gay marriages are against God's word and for Laura to say this is very surprising as they have always stated that they are both Christian's?

DeanO said...

Lloyd, I suppose I'm not surprised. I admire George Bush and Laura but I've never seen an fruits in their life that would indicate they were true believer's of God. I'm not sure why Laura Bush would say this as I watched the interview on Television except she truly believes what she says. I disagree with her opinion and I believe God's word, such as Romans chapter one. As Christians we must continue to pray for our nation and we all know that revival starts with us Christians and the Church house. We have a "Whosoever" Gospel and that's a wonderful and amazing truth. Still, kind of an off the wall comment don't you think?

Gorges Smythe said...

Reply to Gregg:

I once told a deacon at our church that if we had to wait on a unanimous vote by our fellow Christians to get into Heaven, that none of us would.

Lloyd said...

I want to thank each of you for visiting and commenting on this post.

I have to agree with you DeanO that the comments by Laura were a little "off the wall" and possibly she was a little off guard and didn't have time to think about it before responding to Larry King's questions. I know personally that when you are under the spotlight that "sometimes" you say things that you really didn't mean to say, then after you answer the question you say to yourself, "Did I really say that?”

Only God knows what is in our hearts and we all make stupid mistakes. Thank the Lord that He always forgives us. God bless, Lloyd

Sheila Deeth said...

What may be generational is
1) a willingness to separate "state" marriage (and its legal, human rights) from "church" marriage (and its divinely ordained responsibilities), and
2) a freer acknowledgment that all are sinners, whether married, homosexual, American, believer or non-believer,
in which case many Christians (not all of them young) agree with her.

Melanie said...

I was surprised and saddened by this story.
God's Word never changes regardless of where we are in history.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed visiting yours, and I'm now a follower of yours too. :)

Elisheva said...

Wow! this just blows my mind! The world is accepting wrong morals into our everyday lives as if it is nothing.
But that is how satan slips in.... he does it as if it is no big deal.
Im now following you, and thanks for following me.

AllyJo said...

I think she and her husband disagree on this. They are also Methodist (or that has been their history I believe) and Methodists I know personally, tend to be more liberal on social issues (not always, but I've seen it often).


woman:confused said...

she never said she thinks that homosexuality is good. she said that if there are two people who are committed to one another that they should have the same rights under the law of the land.
This could be things such as the right to sign for medical treatment, the right to stay in the same household after one partner dies, etc. I actually think these rights should be extended to anyone, romantically involved or not (i.e. if I have a roommate and s/he dies, should I have to leave if I'm the one paying the house note?)
Yes, she said it should be looked at and it's a generational thing - but consider that she didn't say she was for it from a biblical perspective. She said from a perspective of humanism, it seems.
We, as humans, seem to condone so many sins, twisting the Word of God to fit our lives to make our sin "ok". The ONLY one that seems to NOT be ok is homosexuality. The Bible says that all sins are the same!
How is a homosexual any different than a drunk? Than a gambler? Than someone who uses harsh words? Than a thief? IT IS NOT. Yet, we ostracize those who say that gays should be treated equally under the eyes of the law in regards to rights such as health insurance. If someone said that those who sin with gluttony should not receive medical treatment it would seem ridiculous! Yet for homosexuality, it is acceptable.
Why is this?
Pick one or the other - all or nothing. ALL SIN IS THE SAME.
I have friends who are gay. One has known his entire life that he is gay and I have known him since age 11 and had a feeling then. The Bible has been so twisted through translations that I can no longer determine if our english version that uses words such as "effeminate" mean homosexual or not, although it has been translated as such.
I do not believe homosexuality is ok. I still think it is a sin. However, I see my friend the same as me. He is a person who struggles with sin in the same way that I do. His are just different and more obvious to outside people.
I still love him, just as God loves all of us. Why must we bring hatred towards those who love others? Toward those who struggle with sin?
(this is not directed at anyone who has commented - just my personal opinion)

Jennifer said...

I saw her interview on TV and I was stunned by it actually.

Anonymous said...

She has always had a very different view than his. She is absolutely more liberal. He had a spiritual encounter that only God can see straight to the heart, but she's definitely always been more liberal.

As far as other comments, there is no hatred toward the sinner ever in the heart of God or those who truly know Him. What there is in absolute hatred and intolerance toward sin and that is often twisted by many who are attempting to push truth more and more into a corner each day. TRUTH IS INTOLERANT. It will not and cannot make exceptions in the name of love and peace because that love and peace is phony bologna artificial garbage. The only true love and true peace is based on truth and there is an absolute truth--His name is Jesus Christ and His ways are very clear in His Word and in the hearts of those who have His Spirit dwelling in them.

I can feed and care and love a gay person with the exact same compassion that I do someone who's not gay. But I draw the line when it comes to their sin and their agenda attempting to defend immorality in the name of "don't hate." No, I will not be bullied and that is why I have stopped watching any television show that even hints at making this acceptable, even some that I used to enjoy. If I just see a hint of love the sinner crossing the line to accept the sin--I'm gone. I'll pray, but I'll have no part of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and do equal rights mean taking the sanctity of marriage and spitting on it? No--sorry--no equal rights outside of marriage. I draw the line when I'm being told that two people who are living in absolute abomination to God can stamp marriage on their forehead and partake of the same legal benefits as me. No, and that goes for those who are not gay and want to live together without marriage. Sure, you have freedom of speech, human rights, the right to a fair trial, health care, etc., and I'm all for that but not to the same benefits I get as a legally married couple acceptable under the law and the eyes of God. It's not complicated understanding God's Word. It is clear regardless of 100 translations. Once He lives in us, that is. If the Spirit of truth is in us, then truth is made manifest. Homosexuality is simply an abomination to Him just as gossip is too, but gossipers don't bully their way around demanding equal rights and attempting to dismantle that which is holy and complaining about being hated to the point that people who are living in obedience are now measuring their words to not be "offensive."

Lloyd said...

Thank you so much for your visit One Heart. As always your comments are full of wisdom and from the heart. We must always stand firm on the "Solid Rock" and never water-down our faith to satisfy the ungodly thinking of the world. God's blessings. Lloyd

woman:confused said...

One Heart - I agree with you, actually. I just am eternally confused as to why one sin is seemingly brought to the forefront of criticism more than other sins.
But, it's not mine to handle. I'm not the judge.