Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Episcopal Church Ordains Practicing Lesbian as Bishop of Los Angeles

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2010 ( – On May 15 the Episcopal Church ordained a practicing lesbian, Mary Glasspool, as bishop of the Los Angeles diocese.

Glasspool, 56, has been living with her lesbian partner since 1988. She is the second practicing homosexual to be named a bishop by the Episcopalians. The first was Gene Robinson, appointed in 2003, who also lives with his gay lover.

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The world view is working its way into the Christian churches.  I just had to post this because there are a lot of Christians out there that are sheltered from the outside world who really need a dose of reality.  We are living in the end-times folks.  God bless, Lloyd


Shoshi said...

Dear Lloyd,

Thank you for following my blog! I'm brand new at blogging and it's really encouraging that people are finding my blog so quickly.

I agree that we are in the End Times. The "official" church has made a big mistake in recent years, thinking that if it becomes like the world, it will get more people to join. The result has been the opposite. People are leaving right left and centre and the church no longer gives a spiritual lead.

May the Lord bless you, Lloyd.

Mari's Cakes said...

WOW! I am a little out of the real world living in the countryside far away from USA, I would never imagine this. We are at the end.... I share this in my Facebook group. Thank you for sharing it also.

God Bless : D

Gregg said...

No doubt about that. We are in the last days, have been since the resurrection. Paul said they will get worse and worse and they are.

Renee' said...

Lloyd, I do not agree with this:( or ones living in such a manner :(

Gorges Smythe said...

I look at the political, social, economic and spiritual decline of the world at large, and our nation in particular, and I understand why so many people seem so unconcerned. Ignorance REALLY IS bliss. (But only for now.)

mike fox said...

great blog, good posts. keep it up brother. God bless

Crystal Mary said...

This makes me feel sick.
I wonder...don't they read God's word and see what he says?..
I am including just one reading for anyone who thinks I am discriminating. Romans 1: 21-32

AllyJo said...

I have had several anglican friends who have left the church over this issue the past couple of years. It's very sad.

Melanie Redd said...

Hard to believe, but maybe not. Sad to me though. Makes me want to pray tonight for our country!

Thanks for sharing...


Brian the old man said...

Amen Brother!

God's student said...

I'm at a loss for words.

I wonder how much this must break God's heart :'(

One Heart said...

It is all so sad, but we are blessed to still be in a position to advance His Kingdom through ministry and prayer, such as the work you are doing through this blog. Keep speaking the truth and praying for eyes to be opened. Thank you for your boldness which I can see is also filled with love and compassion for the blind.

philipscom said...

Dear Br,
So sad to hear this news, were are these people heading to?
Let us uplift them to the throne of grace. May God help them to understand the Scripture as it is written. Best Regards
With prayer and love
Br. Philip