Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

It is hard to believe that the Solid Rock or Sinking Sand blog has been up and running now for two years.  My whole idea when I first began blogging was to get the message of Jesus Christ out to folks that needed to hear that God loves them.  And, that God wants them to come to Him just as they are, no matter what is happening in their lives.

The more I searched the internet the more I realized that there was a need for Christian bloggers to put out the truth regarding the Word of God.  There are so many folks out there that are hurting and need to know that Jesus loves them and that He is waiting for them to humble themselves, repent of their sins, and accept Him as their Savior and Lord.

I want to thank all of my followers who have dropped by and made comments on the different posts that are published.  I sincerely appreciate your comments that you leave even if they sometimes do not agree with what I say.

It is my believe that "Unity" in the Christian community is very important and that even though we might disagree on non-essential doctrines, it is important that we come to agreement on the essential doctrines that makes us all members of the family of God.  We need to remember that the "World" is always watching us.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my life and a part of Solid Rock or Sinking Sand.    God's blessings to you all.  Lloyd


Jessica said...

Happy "blogoversary"!

Mrs. A said...

Amen! and thank you for all you do in blog land and happy blogoversary! :)

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.



dfish said...

I appreciate the effort and encouragement you give. Thanks.

Marcia said...

Happy blogaversary, friend!! Also stopping by to wish you and your loved ones a very blessed Thanksgiving.
Much love!!

Bearshoes said...

Happy anniversary and have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

Frank Blasi said...

As with the other comments above, Happy Blogaversary!
But may I add that in the last few months I have read all your posts and I find them edifying - as I do others who also use this site. So I want to encourage you - keep on blogging.
Also your links, especially about the one on tithing, I have found very enlightening. For many years I have attended a church which taught its members to tithe, yet I have not found a single example of this in the New Testament, particularly in the Book of Acts.
Once again, thanks for all your imput and KEEP IT UP.
God bless.

Gorges Smythe said...

You and I started blogging about the same time. I'd forgotten I'd hit the two year mark as well, until I read this post. Congratulations and may God bless you my friend.

DeanO said...

God bless you, my brother!

The Unknowngnome said...

Well done Lloyd. May your writings continue to edify.

susanwalkergirl said...

Happy Blogaversary Lloyd. You keep on blogging the good news that salvation is found in no other name than our precious Savior Jesus Christ. Tell of the Father's wonderful plan and the gift of the Holy Spirit to all who call upon the name of the Lord.

Thank you for taking a stand on truth and right and wrong.

Guide Makombo said...

Be blessed friend in Christ. I pray that God will forever be with u.Praise the Lord!

Brenda Rees said...

Yes, Lloyd, I agree with how important it is to share about the Lord, and love doing it even though I am not very well versed regarding the internet. I saw a comment on your blog regarding tithes, I shall try to get into your write up on it. My perception of it is that ' you give what you are able '. The important 'tithes' are the spiritual ' Bringing into the storehouse '. Time passing so quickly, as you have said about your two years of blogging, emphasises this.
God bless you, Brenda

Amrita said...

Congratulations Llyod. You are spreading the love of Christ through your blog

RCUBEs said...

Glory to God and may His wisdom continue to guide you. Happy Thanksgiving bro. Lloyd! Keep pressing on.

Crystal Mary said...

Happy two years birthday to your blog...I agree, lets get the message out there, and you do a great job.
I have just shared my testimony of healing......woo hooo!!!
My heart, the cardiologist said, "Is like a new born baby's." The power of asking and receiving forgiveness and healing is awesome! God bless friend. CM

Michelle My Bell said...

Happy 2nd blogoversary! God Bless~

Frank Ellsworth Lockwood said...

Lloyd, happy anniversary.

About your comment: ""Unity" in the Christian community is very important and that even though we might disagree on non-essential doctrines, it is important that we come to agreement on the essential doctrines "

Once you start trying to pin down which doctrines are the "essential" ones, your whole plan starts falling apart.

The only way I see out of the mess is to accept everyone unequivocally.

If there were any such thing as "essential" doctrines, I suppose Jesus would have made a list for us. He didn't do that and the doctrines that most Christians consider "essential" developed slowly, over time, with politics involved at that. Essential doctrines are a way of excluding people that we imagine to be different from us.

But ... we are all essentially the same. Finding Christ is a privilege that requires freedom to seek. And Jesus said that "Everyone who seeks shall find."

Now, that is a pretty open ended and radical statement, and a lot of Christians will bend over backwards to prove it is not true, but it's gospel.

Nobody is exactly where you are in this walk, and nobody is exactly where I am in this walk called "life." But we are all in good hands.

God Bless

Lloyd said...

Frank Lockwood - I want to thank you for your visit and personal comments regarding "Unity". Sometimes "Religion" gets into the way of our relationship with Jesus Christ and when it does, it's time to rethink what our priorities are. Simply said, "If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him for the death, you will be saved! This seems like it should be enough to let each person know what it takes to get to heaven, but for some reason, folks just like to make it more burdensome and difficult. God bless, Lloyd

Apple James said...

"My whole idea when I first began blogging was to get the message of Jesus Christ out to folks that needed to hear that God loves them."

Wonderful, Lloyd!

Thanks for inviting me to visit. I'll be back for sure.

Jamie said...

Thank You for inviting me to join your blog! I look forward to reading your posts! God Bless :)
Love in Christ, Jamie