Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dangers of Homosexual Movement

LSN reporter Matthew Hoffman speaks to Brazilians
about dangers of homosexual movement

Hoffman speaks at the
Campos dos Afonsos Baptist Church
in Rio de Janeiro.

Fri Dec 02, 2011 13:31 EST

December 1, 2011 ( - LifeSIteNews’ Latin America Correspondent Matthew Cullinan Hoffman has recently returned from a two-week Brazilian speaking tour on the dangerous rise of the homosexual movement and its link to the corrupted sexual morals of heterosexuals.

Hoffman spoke to a large number of Catholic bishops and priests, as well as Evangelical ministers and laity, who received his message with gratitude. Three of the talks were live-streamed on the Internet and a fourth was recorded for possible distribution by a Protestant family ministry.  Click "here" to read the complete article.

I applaud Matthew Hoffman for having the courage to stand up and speak out against the homosexual movement that seems to be an epidemic that is spreading world-wide like a cancer invading the human body.  

It has come to a point in our modern society that if a Christian speaks out against homosexuality they are quickly condemned as being "hateful", "bigots", or, even in some jurisdictions "criminals" because saying anything negative about homosexuality is classified as a "hate crime".  

In the Holy Scriptures, Jesus commands us to go out and preach the gospel to all people and let them know that God loves them.  I think it is time that all believers need to be like Matthew Hoffman and speak out against homosexuality (in the love of Jesus) and let folks know that it is not God's will for the human race.  What are some of your ideas regarding this very sensitive issue?  Should Christians speak out or should they remain silent when it comes to sexual immorality?


Clint said...

Well, we the people have allowed our politician masters to throw the church out of our culture. This is one of the by-products of an arrogant society. We no longer need God.

Ian Curtis said...

Homosexuality is soundly condemned in both the Old Testament and the New; without reservation it is considered sinful behavior, not an alternative lifestyle. But homosexuals are not a special category of sinner, as though the sin they commit is more heinous than any other, which is the impression some Christians give. I recently met a believer who has strayed from the faith because of the unloving attitude Christians tend to display toward homosexuals. It is not "homosexuality" that will keep someone from entering Heaven. It is the fact that all of us are sinners in need of a righteousness we cannot attain ourselves. We receive through faith in Christ, whose righteousness we receive when we believe on Him for eternal life. Yes; Christians ought to speak out against homosexuality being made into a lifestyle that is accepted without question; we cannot stand idly by and say nothing; thus making people comfortable and entrenched in their sins. It is evil for him who knows what to do and not do it. We know what to do; Christ rebuked, chastened and disciplined in a spirit of love. Love corrects because love cares enough about that person to endeavor to keep them from permanent harm. If someone was about to drink poison unwittingly would you try to save them? Or would you permit them to have what the wanted, though you knew the outcome? We would be guilty of the sin of silence.

Wiola said...

Here's another word for you: "misguided".

Anonymous said...

I guess I just don't understand why so many Christians are more concerned about what two adults do privately in their home than they are about the famine in the Horn of Africa, or child abuse, or domestic violence. People rally together to stop gay marriage, but not a peep is said about the woman down the street who is beat by her husband, or children who are weak from hunger.


MollyT said...

It has come to a point in our modern society that if a Christian speaks out against homosexuality they are quickly condemned as being "hateful", "bigots", or, even in some jurisdictions "criminals" because saying anything negative about homosexuality is classified as a "hate crime".
No, saying something negative about homosexuality is not and never has been a hate crime. Beating someone to unconsciousness and leaving him tied to a fence post until his body is found, simply for being a homosexual, is most assuredly a hate crime. YOu are condemned for being a bigot or hateful because you are. Don't like gay people? Then don't be one. Don't invite them to dinner. But don't expect the rest of us, when you exercise your first amendment right to speak your mind freely,to call you what you are--a hateful bigot. You, sir, are no Christian.

Dean Spencer said...


Thank you for being a voice in the wilderness. It is apparent that "other" sexual sins are becoming predominant in our culture today. I guess it should come as no surprise,though, considering how the family unit has been under constant attack. The deterioration of the family through fornication, adultery, child molestation, pornography, and so on has been devastating.

The church has been largely absent over the years and has even had its own foot in the world while trying to appear godly. The church is guilty also by not speaking out, by being hypocrites, etc.

Is homosexuality the main thing? I'm not so sure. We have allowed sexual immorality to fester so much that the "other" sexual sins like homosexuality seems like a symptom of bigger problems in our culture.

We're increasingly moving further away from God. The only One who can turn this whole thing around is Jesus. Our only hope is to point people to Christ and let Him work on their hearts.

We all need Jesus more now than ever before. Thanks Lloyd for helping to do that!

God bless!

Ian Curtis said...

There seems to be super-charged emotion backing some statements here. Lloyd never said to discriminate against homosexuals, or that he hates them, or that they can't be saved; he is simply addressing a Biblical standpoint. The Bible is clear in its condemnation regarding the act of homosexuality; Lloyd is not taking a stand on anything other than what God's word addresses in clear language. The charge of not being a Christian might stand if Lloyd did not adhere to the teachings of the Bible and went off on his own "I hate gays" agenda. But that is not at all what he is saying, teaching or implying.
If homosexuality is in fact a sin rather than a lifestyle choice than condoning it makes the entire populace numb to the very real possibility that sex was not made to be abused in this fashion.
Would this even be a debate if the topic was intercourse with children, or animals, or rape? These are all distortions of God's intentions for sex; which was between a husband and wife for the purpose of "being fruitful and filling the earth," Genesis 1:28.
God wants His children to think His thoughts after Him. If He did say that homosexuality is sin then He said it in warning and who are we to go against what God says? We can vent against Lloyd, but our real issue lies with God and His assessment of man's condition and practice. Before condemning Lloyd, please may I ask that you become more acquainted with the word of the God Lloyd follows?
Then it would be easier to determine if Lloyd is in fact being hateful, or simply truthful. "He swears (tells the truth) even to his own hurt," Psalm 15:4.

Reformed and Renewed said...

A christian should speak out when the oppurtunity arises, and not be in two opinions about this.

Brenda Rees said...

I remember when a fellow worker in a care home that I worked in asked me 'What do you think of homosexuals?', she knew I was Christian. I told her that as a Christian I could not judge those outside of Christ, that the word of God judges those in Christ, and that in the book of Job, ch.22 v.21 we are told to agree with God and be at peace. So, I told her, whatever God says about homosexuality, I agree with. She asked what He said about it, accepted this and, I believe,walked away knowing a little more of God's love for all mankind, as well as His desire to save us. One of my granddaughters had a T shirt on one day on which was written 'Don't hate the player, hate the game'.

dfish said...

As Christians, we have a responsibility to warn people of the consequences of their sin. Ezekiel 33:6 warns, "But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand." If Christians fail to warn them, they will be held accountable for not telling them. It is not the Christian's place to force them to quit, that is the individuals responsibility.

Many people ignore the fact that the Bible condemns heterosexual promiscuity just as harshly as Homosexual behavior. Christians often accept adultery and promiscuity while condemning homosexuals. Isaiah 5:20 applies to both. "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

RandiGrace said...

I agree with Brenda, that we cannot judge those outside of Christ. But, we do need to take a stand on homosexuality in OUR lives--its affect on our laws, our schools, our work--and how it affects our families. We are responsible for our families and when we stand by and allow homosexuality to be taught in an approving way, or to approve laws where two men or two women make a marriage, then we are not a Christ-centered home.

The homosexual movement is against the Christians. They know that the conviction of the Holy Spirit is working on the homosexual converts to bring them out of the lifestyle and into a walk with God. Its not the Christian that is the target, but God, and by destroying the Christians, they try to gain power over God.

The homosexual agenda brings pity to the plight of the homosexuals by declaring them as victims. Their converts in society then embraces them in a false love, that embraces the sin, not the person, and call it love. It is evil personified. An abomination and in the same category as abortion.

Lloyd said...

I want to thank each one of you for your visit and comments regarding this very “hotly debated” subject that we need to bring out of the closet of our churches. Most Christians can agree that Jesus came to earth to save sinners. God see’s all sin as sin; there is no distinction as to minor sins or major sins.

We should do as Jesus did back in the days that He walked this earth. We need to love all people, but at the same time we must not tolerate nor condone sin. God gave us all the “free will” and also the “Spirit of Truth” to make decisions in our life that are within “His” boundaries. It has always been my sincere believe that we, as believers, need to always show love and respect to all people no matter who they are and if they are living their life in sin, we are to lovingly let them know what God has to say about it.

The saying “Love the sinner, but hate the sin.” is a biblical truth found throughout God’s Word. Jesus loved sinners, but beckoned them to “follow” Him.

As far as saying anything negative about “homosexuality” being a hate crime, there are places in the world that do have laws restricting such freedom of speech, even if biblically true. Below is a website that will give you an idea of where you do not have the freedom of speech as seen in the United States.

Peter Denshaw said...

Yes, Lloyd, it is wicked sinful behaviour what homosexuals do! It is particularly a sin against the body and God’s noble purpose for this temple of the Holy Spirit. Yet so is stuffing your face with burgers – eating more than your body needs. I was in Nevada a few months and was shocked at how many Americans wobbled towards me as I walked along the street. I was sickened by the greed. Odd, I have yet to see a post challenging this abuse of God’s temple of the Holy Spirit. But that would be costly, it would be a challenge a little nearer home – so I can understand why you go for the ‘easy’ morality of finger pointing at the homosexuals. – that bastion of truth (LOL!) states that at most the prevalence of homosexuality in the USA is at most 4% and could be as low as 1% (see: In fact if we take Kinsey’s estimate (one in ten or 10%) it could even be argued that homosexuals are diminishing in society.

Again Lloyd, I have to why do you repeatedly keep posting about an issue which all statistics, not to mention every day experience, suggest is almost inconsequential? What Jesus preached was conversion of life; but also noted that ‘sin’ is not ‘here’ or ‘there’ – indeed he got rather annoyed at those who sought to look down on others, content with their own righteousness and thinking they were ‘less’ in sinful than others (Lk 18: 9-14); sin is part of ALL our lives, and not located elsewhere...

Just for once it would be pleasant to read a post on your blog that actually challenged everyday life, instead of the cheap righteousness of queerbashing. I can assure you that there are just as many sinful things go on in the everyday lives of anyone who reads this blog – particularly behind close doors or in the secrecy of the mind. The idea of a ‘gay’ conspiracy may help delude people that they are less sinful and that the problems of the world come from elsewhere – but Jesus tells us the problems of the world come from within our own hearts. Yes, pointing the finger and believing that you are doing God’s will and preaching God’s word because you post some drivel from may make you feel better about yourself - but the very fact it is something that is so removed from everyday life demonstrates that what is really taking place is that well worn religious error of straining gnats while swallowing camels. I look forward to a post on how we as individuals shouldn’t stuff our faces with food we don’t need. I look forward to hearing some exhortation on how we should forgive the shop keeper who was rude or give up some time to care for those less fortunate.

Stay clear of – it is written by bigots and those that delight in causing discord and self-righteousness; it wallows in salaciousness and peddles half truths that are designed to make readers feel better about themselves while looking down their noses at others... Only a fool would believe half the vitriol that is passed off as truth on that site...

Well said Dfish: “Many people ignore the fact that the Bible condemns heterosexual promiscuity just as harshly as Homosexual behavior. Christians often accept adultery and promiscuity while condemning homosexuals...’ Given teenage pregnancy, divorce single parent family stats are all higher in overtly Christian areas of the US (and other supposedly ‘Christian’ societies) I think there are far more important things Christians could be worrying about than homosexuality. But it is easier to point the finger and judge – it is far less painful and challenging than holding up a mirror... (Which perhaps explains some Christians’ disproportionate interest in this subject... Lloyd seems positively obsessed with the subject, looking at how often he blogs on the topic...!!)



Right Is Right said...

Response to "Anonymous -J" comment on Dec. 3rd -- You are sadly mistaken if you think Christians do not care about hunger, poverty, abuse or domestic violence. But unlike these serious problems in our society, the homosexual movement differs in that gay activists will stop at nothing in an attempt to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, including trying to attract our children as early as possible (i.e. the recent movement on to try to get Sesame Street to admit that Bert and Ernie are gay). Homosexuality is no longer something that is just done in the privacy of one's bedroom. And if you think people don't care about the other problems you mentioned, I would suggest you open your eyes.

RandiGrace said...

Peter you are really angry. We are ALL sinners, and there are sins we fight every day. I hardly think that fat people won't get to heaven. If that is the case, then Eli is in hell for being "heavy". It is often that people seek food for comfort to help them through difficult situations.

Homosexuality may not have taken over the United States, but its agenda does try to teach it to our children in schools and churches.

To scoff at it, and downplay it as ONLY "a" sin, does not do justice to all those who have turn from that lifestyle. They have courage and character and should be applauded for their strength and love of God and others.

What is the greater love, to seek your own pleasure and have it satisfied at any expense, or to walk away and not allow the one you love to live in sin?

couellet said...

Why is it that Christians aren't speaking up about corporations like monsanto that are not only poisoning our food but this planet that God created and we are called to be stewards of?
When I read posts like this, I just find the whole topic so myopic and such an 'easy target' that it reeks of laziness of Christian purpose. I am reminded of the woman caught in adultry with the scribes and pharisees ready to have her stoned for her sin. Standing in judgement, ignoring thier own sin. Jesus did not condemn the woman, he challenged the relegious leaders. "let you who is without sin cast the first stone". Again in the new testament Jesus speaks to a samiritan woman at the well. Does he condemn her? Does he tell her to get her life together and then come see him? NO, he tells her He is the living water and the prophet of whom she speaks. He offers her this 'water' after revealing to her that he is well aware of her past 5 husbands and her current live in boyfriend. He offers her the opportunity to make a choice, to accept His gift and does it without bashing her, condemning her. He tells her to go and sin no more. Being given hope first and compassion and love the woman is far more likely to consider whats been offered and to make changes.
the bible is very clear about Homosexuality, just as clear as it is about the 7 deadly sins and another list in the NT that includes, greed, murder, hatred, gluttony, lust, adultry, lies, theft and so on. It bothers me anytime scripture is manipulated and used to single out one sin, one group, or one agenda while turning a blind eye to all the others. The reason this topic is perceived as being hateful is because it offers no hope, no compassion and no love in most cases and in much of the discourse. God is capable of taking hearts of stone and turning them to flesh. We as Christians are not here to point out the flaws, failings and sin of others but to live lives the exemplify what Jesus taught and to offer hope to a hurting world. Hurting others is not part of that. I personally think it is far more important that people read the word and apply it to thier hearts and lives, insted of carrying a banner that across the board diminishes a person. Just the term 'Homosexual movement', removes the individual from the equation and this, as history has shown repeatedly, is dangerous. We need to show grace and mercy, and be loving which we can't do if we stop seeing people as God's children. He created all of us and He loves and forgives us when we acknowledge our sin and repent.
We do not know the hearts of anyone else. Remember 'remove first the log from your own eye before attempting to remove the speck from your brothers eys.
No one is ever reached or moved to change by beating them over the head, by shaming, singling out, or excluding. That certainly is not how Jesus operated or how He won people to Himself. And lets not forget the people that were used so powerfully in the bible, those murderers and adulters, thieves, liars, polygimists etc. King David, Paul, Moses, the list goes on.
Lets talk about a subject that Christians have for the most part turned thier backs on, that of stewardship, of each other and God's beautiful life sustaining creation.

Lloyd said...

couellet - I want to thank you for visit and comments regarding this subject. I think that just about every comment reflects that love must be shown to someone that deliberately lives a lifestyle that is clearly going against God's will. Nobody on this blog is "bashing homosexuality". Sexual immorality is creeping into all of our churches and schools. If Christians do not speak out against sexual immorality, then the world will believe that it is "okay" that it's "alright" to teach our children alternative lifestyles and that God gives His blessings to those who live and condone such lifestyles.

This blog just points out the truth of God's Word and we, as Christians, need to spread that truth in the name and love of Jesus Christ. God's blessings too you.

Peter Denshaw said...

the homosexual movement differs in that gay activists will stop at nothing in an attempt to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, including trying to attract our children as early as possible ...

I can assure you American materialistic greed has probably done and does worse. Funny how America led the world in the divorce, single parent and violent crime stakes long before 'gay marriage' or mention of the gay movement. But as long as you condemn the queers, you can think you doing the Lord's work and go home feeling better about yourself. But that is what religion is really about isn't it?

Odd too that societies with liberal, secular governments with tolerant attitudes to sex and sexuality beat the USA on ALL indicators of a wholesome society. Preach your Gospel of Hate till you're blue in the face, statistics show religious societies are usually the ones with the greatest proportion of social problems.