Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Honoring Our Fallen Solders - ANGEL FLIGHT

I received this video from my brother-in-law, Wayne, who did several tours in Vietnam. This will probably bring a tear to your eyes if you are a veteran or someone who has lost a love one in any war or conflict.

God's blessings and protection to our young men and women who are placed in harm's way for the protection of our freedom. Angel Flight is the name of the aircraft that brings our military home who have given everything that they can give.


Billy Joe said...


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I like the warmth and kindness that seems to come from your blog, refreshing.

In His Service and Grace,

Mumsy said...

I have watched this video and listened to the song many, many times and every time I see the video or hear the song I choke up and cry.

Our military people should be in every prayer we pray. We should also every chance we get show them how much we appreciate what they did or are doing for us and our country.

Hugs and blessings!

Patty@Heaven said...

Love it!
We need to not forget our man and women fighting for our Country.

I thank the Lord for bringing my son safe from Iraq.

For the ones that came in the Angel Flight I lift up my prayers, may God
Bless them all <3

Joe MacFarlane. said...

The awkward thing is that Iraqi mothers are praying for the same thing (keep their sons safe) and that "terorist" is interchangable according to the Pentagon.

Clint said...

Thanks for posting, Lloyd. We need to pray for our fighting men and women every day.

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Chris said...


dfish said...

Neat song. Thanks for the reminder about those who have given so much for our country.

Dave said...

Hey Lloyd, thanks for the invite! I appreciate the follow and you may consider your blog followed by one more person! God Bless!

GOD thinker said...

Great post. We need to never forget to lift up our soldiers in prayer.

rcubes said...

It's awesome that they thought of writing a song about a story that is not well-known. I don't know why but this video took me back to those times when my father was dying from colon cancer bro. Lloyd. He wasn't confused and all of a sudden, he said, "We go in groups. The big guy will be here and my time will be next..."

I just wonder if spiritually, angels are sent by our good God to pick us up and accompany us when we all go Home...That would be awesome not to feel so alone...

We pray when something major happens when in reality, those who sacrifice their lives in the military need our prayers constantly. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video! God bless.

Mr Saint said...

Thanks for visiting my website. Thanks for sharing this. All our prayers to the soldiers.

Karen said...

I came over from Lighthouse of Prayer. Your blog is very uplifting. I join you in honoring our soldiers.

Nora said...

thank you