Saturday, October 23, 2010

President Obama Endorses LGBT Youth 'Spirit Day'

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 22, 2010 ( - President Barack Obama has issued a message exhorting young people who consider themselves homosexual to "be true to" themselves and recognize their sexual tendencies as "a source of pride, and a source of strength."

Obama issued the remarks in the wake of a nationwide "Spirit Day" in which celebrities, media, and schools across the nation wore purple to express solidarity with homosexual youths who have committed suicide. Click here to read the full story.


This is a very passionate and heartfelt speech that our president is giving to the young folks out there that are being bullied because of their sexual orientation. There is never a good reason to bully another person! My heart continues to go out to those lost souls who could not see a light at the end of the tunnel but only a freight train coming at them.

My heart is saddened because the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) hailed the video of the president's speech as an "historic" boost to the homosexualist campaign towards youth. "The President's empathy and concern, so clearly and directly expressed, is an historic contribution to the outpouring of support for LGBT youth we have seen over the past few weeks," stated the GLSEN blog. No wonder our young folks are so mixed up with all of the different signals they are getting bombarded with.

I continue to pray for the families that are left behind to deal with the end-results of suicide. I pray for the young folks out there who allow their sexual desires to overcome them to the point of sinning against our Almighty God. My prayer is that they will repent of their sins and come back to the Lord and allow Him to get them through these tough times in their lives. May our Lord have mercy on our souls.


DeanO said...

It's a sad truth isn't Bro. Lloyd. President Obama supports and encourages the LGBT and "alternate" life style, abortion, same sex marriage and also points to his "Christian" faith. I'm getting a lot of mixed messages from this president but in my heart I know where he stands. This is sad because this type of support will only encourage the further decay of our morality and families. Pray for the President the God will save his soul and stay his hand!

Ian Curtis said...

Greetings Lloyd,
I am not surprised by our president's commentary regarding this extremely controversial issue; he has gone on record in time past that, while he claims to be Christian, he does not espouse Christian beliefs or principles; nor does he acknowledge the unique purpose and person of Christ as mediator between God and man. Given this flaw in his thinking, coupled with the fact that political correctness is the virtue of today's age, it is easy to see why his counsel, while sympathetic, is misguided. If he truly cared about the souls of future youths in danger of suffering this fate (suicide), he would know their only recourse would be to repent and believe on Jesus Christ; Christ our Lord would bring the healing and acceptance these poor souls crave, but do not know how to find. I join your prayer, and wish that more Christians would stand up for their faith and entreat a world filled with hurting people to come to Christ for peace and forgiveness of sins. Ian

Sarah R said...

You have eloquently stated what I've been wanting to say all week. I am against bullying; but I cannot condone behavior that our Lord has stated is an "abomination." His words, not mine! My heart grieves for those who chose to take their lives, and my heart grieves for this entire nation who would support immorality in the name of being tolerant.

susanwalkergirl said...


Thank you for posting this video.

I am grieved at the thought of people committing suicide because they are believing a lie and feel they are without hope. I'm outraged and grieved when people bully someone and want them to be punished for their cruel and wrong behavior.

But in no way do I want to sanction sin which grieves the heart of God. Jesus never sanctioned sin, yet He was full of compassion for those living in sinful lifestyles and told them to repent, go and sin no more.

I must remember that the enemy only seeks to kill, steal and destroy. He is the one who wants bullies to reign, and people to engage in sin and loose hope. us to walk the fine line of compassion for the lost and helping people to know the truth in the Word of God, the Bible and know the freedom from all sin.

GOD thinker said...

How sad. As if it wasn't confusing enough for those teens. I am sure the presdent believes he is doing a good thing, but with him having such a high profile, he probably just has validated this choice more and caused more teens to fall into sin. I would not want to stand before God and answer for this.

God loves these kids and wants to stop their confusion and heal their hurts. Many homosexuals have been healed. When leaders say it is OK it pushes them farther from the truth.

RCUBEs said...

It's easy to profess that "I am a Christian" but the question is..."are we following His footsteps or are we going on our own way?"

Everything a man thinks that sound so great doesn't mean it is the right thing in the eyes of God. It is sad and I pray that many more will turn to God. So much deception and the enemies are ever busy to seek, kill and destroy...God bless and protect you.

Silly Goose said...

Its obvious that Obama needs this minority's vote right now.

I am with the rest on bullying being a great evil- however- they are trying to turn Christians who just want to share God's Word into bullies.

If we 'so love the world' as Christ- we must love them enough to tell them what we ourselves had to face- - - we are sinners.

They must see their sin- to properly see their need for a Savior!

HD said...

Hi, LIoyd!!
Shalom Adonai!!
Iam very happy with your contact. Thanks for following us. Where did you find our blog?
God bless you today and always.


ROSA LUZIA said...

Dear friend, I want to thank you for visiting our blog.
may the Lord bless your family more and mais.que the Shekinah of God is poured over and mais.abraçosssssssss

Leovi said...

Lloyd warmly thank your invitation because I know what you want is the happiness of the people. But with all due respect to you, I will say that I do not practice any religion. My way of communicating with God is very personal. Thank you very much for your visit and your hospitality. Have a happy Sunday.

Crystal Mary said...

To be selfish is to do our own thing without care or regret, whatever that may be...I do feel sad about anyone who commits suicide as they are right where the devil wants them to be...away, alone, in total dispare and without a hope. In Jesus, (not religeon) we do have a hope and a way out, in a Saviour.
I am wondering in a few years if Obamas daughter were to become lesbians, how he would feel?

Luna said...

Greetings and blessings to you. Thank you so much for the visit and the invite to join your blog. I, too, grieve for this nation. It's no wonder that God will come back to wipe this slate clean. There is so much evil, egotism, people who don't hesitate to tell people what they should do, yet they do not practice what they preach and so on and so on. The list is so long.

I don't have much to say about Obama's views on anything. He is not a U.S. citizen and he is not a Catholic/Christian and he really has not demonstrated much as to running this country. So I will leave it at that.

I continue to pray for Mother Earth and for all souls. I feel if they are led to the higer power, then Jesus/God will do the miracle.
Brightest blessings to all.

Thandi said...

Thank you.That's all I will say..thank you.

Heavenly Muse said...

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Gregg said...

Excellent post brother! My heart is broken also.

One Heart said...

What most people don't realize is that it starts with one sexual sin and leads to another. It does not have to start out with homosexuality but often ends there because it is simply an unclean spirit of corruption and immorality eating up at your soul. It demands more and more each time. That is why you have so many serial killers who started out with opening a door to pornography. The monster grows and grows.

The problem with homosexuality these days is that the world (or the enemy) has now glamorized it and it is almost fashionable. It has become so huge that it's almost unpopular or uncool to not be gay. If you think I am exaggerating, just take a look at a couple of TV shows--from teen and young adult programs to design shows. It is more and more in our face and more and more crossing over the line of right considered wrong not just wrong considered right. Saddens me profoundly.

On top of it all, to have a leader of the magnitude of a US President supporting and encouraging the idea. Oh, God, be merciful. We must pray for all--for all of us and most certainly for President Obama too. Thank you for sharing.

Crown of Beauty said...

Our words sooner or later will do or undo us...and we all stand before the throne of God to give account for every careless word we utter.

Our words may sound politically correct, or doctrinally correct...but God is the Ultimate Judge on that day when we all stand before Him to give account.

I do believe that there is a subtle message behind that speech, and much of it is aimed at Christians.

My hope is this: there is a coming day when everything will be brought to light.

Bullying is unacceptable, but the sin of spiritual compromise is unacceptable too. There is no heirarchy when in comes to sin.

Thank you for this post. It is brief but it speaks volumes!

HD said...

Shalom Adonai!!!

""" But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."""" I CorĂ­ntios 2:9

In Cristo,
Suely Rezende