Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Lambert a Disgrace to American Idol!

I have to admit that my family and I all watch American Idol and we all find ourselves wrapped up in "Who" is going to be the next American Idol Star. But Adam Lambert really lowered all standards of decency.

All of the headlines about Adam Lambert just makes me want to vomit. And after
his American Music Awards performance last Sunday night, before millions of fans, he showed the world that he had no moral values regarding decency or regard to who might be watching his sexual fantasies preformed on stage.

To top it off, Adam smugly and arrogantly admits that he may have gotten a bit carried away "It's choreography, we were dancing. The sexuality of it kind of got a little more extreme when I got up on stage. I think the adrenaline kind of took me over, and I admit it, and I'm proud of the fact that I did get a little carried away."

At any length, what Adam Lambert did on stage, in front of the whole world, was crossing the line of public decency and that I for one, would not walk across the street, to see him preform. And, if I had teenage children, there would be no way I would allow them to even think about watching him preform.


Anonymous said...

While I empathise with your point of view there is a sad truth to face: that what Adam was portraying openly on stage is actually carried out by many Christian married couples every day with absolutely NO shame. In fact, they even use the Song of Songs to justify their disgusting actions. I think it's them we need to be more angry about. Adam never claimed to have the key to life but Christians today do and they should show it by their actions. Thank you.

Lloyd said...

Anonymous - I am not certain if I understand what "disgusting actions" you might be referring too when it comes to Christian married couples. The point of posting this story on Adam was to bring to light the popularity of "Hollywood's" sexual immorality that they flaunt openly to millions of young souls who might be influenced by their behavior. God bless.