Friday, August 12, 2011

Grinding America Down

If you have a chance, watch this video and let me know what you think. I find it very interesting that the people of the United States of America have allowed this to happen. My only real concern is... may God have mercy on our souls for not standing up for our Christian values and witness to the world.


Geoff Maritz said...

Hello Lloyd.
I sold my television more than 30 years ago for that very reason, I didn't want anyone dictating my way of life by continually telling me what to believe and how to behave. My country is going the same way. With the demise of the Apartheid government Communism has taken hold here and with it immorality. This is exactly what the previous government was fighting against, not blacks but communism. The world media of course is run by communism and their agenda is to have a one world government as you probably already know. They will distort anything that stands in their way so as to accomplish their own goals. This is not only being done to America but to every country in the world. If you are told something over and over and over again eventually you will believe it.
The best way to destroy a country is not through invasion but in getting them to destroy themselves. and the best way to do that is through the media, television in particular. It affects all races, all ages, all sexes, all religions, in fact there is no one who is exempt except those who refuse to watch and they are a minority. In my country television was only introduced in 1976, the very year rioting started and South Africans started killing each other. Yes I am indeed sad for America, I know what you are headed for. No I'm not condoning the behaviour of the Apartheid government, I too fought against it but maybe now I can see how the moral standards that were prevalent in my country when I was growing up have vanished today. The only advice I can give to Americans is, throw your television away and go back to being a God fearing nation. God have mercy on America.
Written in love, Geoff.

Shoshi said...

This is very, very interesting, Lloyd. Thanks for sharing it with us.

However, I am not convinced it's the communists doing it, or that it's just in America. We are seeing very much the same trends here in the UK, and across Europe. I believe there has been a concerted effort worldwide (especially in the western nations) to bring about all the things mentioned in the video, and it's the hidden agenda of a select organisation of un-elected individuals whose aim is also to break down national boundaries, and introduce the one-world system of finance, politics and religion.

People may label me a conspiracy theorist, but I think we now have plenty of evidence that this is taking place.

Never have we needed the solid foundation of the Lord Jesus more.

Gorges Smythe said...

The way this happened was that supposedly Christian people kept voting for those who tickled their ears or for the party of their fathers instead of voting for those who followed godly principles. It is these Christians themselves who are to blame, because, at the time, they were the majority.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks for posting this, Lloyd. I linked it; hope you don't mind.

Crystal Mary said...

Very eye opening. Much goes on behind the scenes that we are unaware of. Blessings Crystal Mary

Peter said...

It is sad that so much effort is put into looking for others to blame for national and individual problems. Several Christian Right websites/blogs have been posting on the need to return to Christian Biblical values, particularly the need to promote marriage and male role models for children via marriage and reducing lone parent values, in light of the riots in England. Of course it is common sense on one level and therefore seems ‘obvious’; yet, as I have noted on my blog, there are some strange paradoxes of overtly Christian societies. Where, in the Western World, are some of the highest proportion, if not the highest in some instances, of lone parent families, the highest rates of divorce, teenage pregnancies (not to mention murder and violent crime)? Are these to be found in the strongly secular, liberal, social democratic societies or northern Europe? Surely, such godless societies, with their socialist ideals, would be replete with divorce, abortion, teen pregnancies, violent crime and single parent families. Not so, it would seem. Finland has the highest proportion of children raised in two parent families in the Western World (over 90%). The society with the highest proportion of children raised in single-parent households is the USA – particularly the Bible-Belt states (25%) – oddly enough these same states also have the highest divorce rates in USA and teen pregnancies and whole raft of social problems that are far less apparent in many ‘liberal’ states – and much, much less apparent in many of the secular, liberal democracies of northern Europe (; & on my own blog for what informs my thinking on these topics).

Well, this is all by the by really, what I find interesting about this video is that it is in effect saying ‘It’s someone else’s fault’. It isn’t – the problems of the world come from within our own hearts (cf Matt 15:18) – and believing it is ‘The Communists’ might let Christian communities off the hook for their appalling record when it comes to marital fidelity, the raising of children, or the promiscuity of teens (tho’ it is actually the ignorance of teens that results in teen pregnancy) etc. but does it really get us anywhere?

I do find it odd that although many in the Western world decry Communism or anything approaching a ‘collectivist state’ yet most were and are happy that governments stepped in to prevent the worst effects of the failings of Capitalism affecting our societies. What would have happened if George W. Or Gordon Brown hadn’t sanctioned massive bailouts for the banks? There would be soup kitchens in Central Park and Hyde Park – and it is doubtful, even now, we’d have a working banking system. People have a habit of praising Capitalism when it comes up with the goods and of, ironically, blaming Communism when Capitalism fails...

On a lighter note. I am in the USA next week, in Las Vegas (I am speaking at an academic conference – cheap hotel rooms and conference suites in LV, in summer when the day time temp. Is 110oF!!). And as always, I am looking forward to my time in the USA. One day, when I am free of academic work and have replenished my bank account after three years of studying; I would like to do what you have just done, Lloyd and spend six weeks travelling around West Coast and/or the Rockies. Ever since I watched the unfolding story of the Mt St Helen’s eruption as a child in the 80s, I have wanted to visit Washington and Oregon - unfortunately on this visit, most of my time will be spent in hotels and listening to academic drone on. Better luck next time!



Reaganite Republican said...

Everybody who votes should watch this... incredible

T-WAC said...

The man in the video has some good points.
It did seem a little fishy that he was saying the communists formulated this plan by themselves. It sounded, at some points, that he was confusing communist with satanist.

That doesn't mean that it's not possible. For it to be as the man said, however, the person who thought this up must be a genius. Beyond a genius. The amount of intelligence it would take to put a plan like this together is phenomenal. This man would have to know what was wrong in our moral code, and why it was wrong. More than that, the damage it would do to people in the future. He must have known alot about human behaviour and the dynamics of human interaction.

But intelligence is not enough. In order to come up with, and intend to carry out, such a plan, the man would need to either be a sociopath, or hate the US and all the people in it with a passion bordering on obsession and insanity. In other words, we'd be dealing with someone who has the same traits and motivations as a serial killer, but instead of ending human lives, he wants to destroy an entire foundation so that the humans fall into disarray, hopelessness, and confusion. To lead them like sheep off of the cliff, and into the rocky canyon where bears and cougars devour everything that moves. All the while, he will laugh while the remaining wonder what has happened to their perfect life. He will laugh at their nievity, and, because of his own intellect, begin to think that he is some sort of god.
Looking at this now, it would take more than a communist to do this. It would take a satanist. Communism could only be the guise that they use, because even communists wouldn't think up a plan like this. There's not enough hate, not enough evil involved.

Ohh. That gives me the shivers just thinking about it.
Anyway, sorry for the mile-long comment. Great post.
I'm glad I saw that video. It made me think alot.