Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pastor booted from Christian TV station!

by Patrick B. Craine

BURLINGTON, Ontario, February 2, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A major Christian television station in Canada has permanently canceled the show Word TV, hosted by prominent evangelical minister Charles McVety, after an industry watchdog announced in December their judgment that the show discriminated against homosexuals.

Viewers tuning in to Crossroads Television System (CTS TV) for the show Sunday night found instead a notice of cancellation. The Christian broadcaster had taken McVety’s show off the air temporarily in December after the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (CBSC) decision, but reinstated it a week later with the episodes pre-screened. Click "Here" for complete story.


I have to admit that after reading this article about Pastor Charles McVety's Christian program being removed from the Crossroads Television System (CTS TV) because it apparently discriminated against homosexuals, made me get down on my knees and pray. Lord have mercy on those who claim to be Christians who are bowing down to the devil and allowing Your very Word's to be censored. There will be a time when all Christian media will be censored and if it does not conform to the standards of the world it will not be broadcasted.

Christians all over the world need to come together in prayer to fight this evil that comes from a small segment of the world’s population. Homosexuality is not the normal way of life and it definitely is not God's Will for His greatest Creation. Christians need to speak up and let their voices be heard. We do not want an “alternative lifestyle” introduced into our schools and churches. We do not want the Holy Bible to be censored or re-written to conform to the World’s standards. We want our Pastors, Ministers and Evangelist to be free to preach the Word of God without the fear of censorship or loosing their jobs.

Let us all pray for the wisdom and courage that our Almighty and Awesome God has promised to give those who humble themselves and come too Him. Lord give us all the wisdom and courage that we need to stand up against those who deliberately defy and mock You. Heavenly Father I know that Your Word will never return void. I humbly pray all of this in Your Son, Jesus’ name. Amen.

Related Story: Ontario RC bishops' curriculum advisor appears to accept gay positive school texts. Click "Here" for complete story.


Clint said...

Thank you for posting this. This is just one example of the destruction of our faith. Read the timeless words of the prophets. Honestly, this is the fault of all "Christians", who go to church and talk a good game but allow this. God help us.

IanH said...

Thanks for posting this. We are taught to hate the sin, but love the sinner. I don't know if this pastor crossed the line or not, but in any case. this is just plane, ugly censorship! God has been taken out of the schools, out of Christmas, and if we don't stand up, He will soon be taken out of the Bible. This is one more case of bureaucracy out of control.

Whitey Lawful's Blogspot: The spirit of the law is greater then the letter. said...

Popular culture should be booted from the Church.

Richie said...
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Niecy said...

This is such an insightful post.
All I can say is God have mercy on us. Great post my friend!!!
God Bless Immensely,

Mary R. said...

Oh, man, that is bad.

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

This is a good post but a sad statement. The part I really don't understand, in the liberal thinking, is how will the human race continue if there is no reproduction? There's more to marriage between man and woman than just sex. Constantly focusing kids and people on this issue isn't healthy in many ways. I agree that I don't know what the Pastor said and we are to love the sinner, not the sin. Thanks for sharing this and we do need to stand up as Christians. It seems sharing our faith and all beliefs is becoming more important each day- always in love.

Gorges Smythe said...

I bet if it had been a Muslim broadcast that they would have kept their cowardly, politically-correct mouths shut!

Crystal Mary said...

Well that T.V. stuadio is discriminating against that Pastor by not allowing him to voice an opinion. !!
God Loves Homosexuals...
Not the Act!!!
Man and Woman fit together like a glove, because woman was molded from man's bone..it is not a for alien but the same.

AndHe said...

It seems this preacher was preaching more than the word of God.He seems to have preaching his own agenda.Saying that homosexuals prey on children.
I don't believe their is room for this type of hate promoting attitude in God's kingdom.

Mike said...

amen! i couldn't have said it better myself. i am completely with you and saying no to this alternative lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Whitey said "Popular culture should be booted from the Church."

I'd like to see religion mind it's own business and stay out of my bedroom and out of politics and out of popular culture.

You will get far more sympathy preaching to the converted...


Gorges Smythe said...

Some homosexuals DO prey on children, as do SOME hetersexuals.

As for keeping the church out of people's bedrooms, there was little said about homosexuality until the homosexuals, themselves, chose to bring it out of the bedroom and tried to pass it off as it normal behavior. (It's NOT.)

sim only said...

I think this is apostasy in its truest form.

Part of the issue is there isn't enough preaching on the revelation of proper union between a man and a woman. It is the truth that sets people free, not simply pointing out error.

Phill Ellington said...

GrrrrrrrrreaT Blog!!! Reads like you are firmly planted yet with your spirit in the heavenlies. Keep your roots deep and your heart high. Praise be to our wonderful God and loving Savior. Stay blessed!

dfish said...

Not knowing what the preacher said, I can't address his scriptural position, but the trend in this world is to dismiss Godly standards, and that appears to be what is happening here.

As the Bible tells us an and history demonstrates, it continues to get worse. Praise God, he warned us.

AndHe said...

dfish:let's be honest here.You say,"not knowing what the preacher said,I can't address his scriptural position,but the trend in this world is to dismiss Godly standards, and that appears to be what is happening here.
If you don't know what he said,please explain what makes it appear that someone is trying to dismiss Godly standards.
Lloyd thank you for this posting.
The truth will set us free.

Ian Curtis said...

Nothing we can say as Christians will adequately convey that God calls homosexuality an abomination. Sodom was destroyed on account of it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about the matter, but no one is entitled to their own personal truth.
If there are unbelievers reading: do you think that Christians warn people about their godless state and sin because its fun? Do we enjoy being mocked, derided, hated, scorned, jeered? I don't; were it not for the fact that God called me to be a watchman I would have ceased speaking long ago and adopted a "live and let live" policy. We preach Christ crucified as the only answer to man's separation from God. One day all of your glib answers will fail as you stand without excuse before God. Why adopt this mantle of autonomy, as though Christ could not be the answer? Have you looked? I don't mean at Christians; we are fallible people who do not always have our act together. I mean have you looked at Christ? God says that if you come to Him seeking, you will find Him. But you must come His way as He specified, or you remain lost. If you choose eternal Hell because you hate God, that is your choice. But Christians preach because we love people, and want them to be where we are going, because Jesus Christ loved this Christ-rejecting world so much that He suffered death. You can go on being angry at us if you wish, but God has a door of grace open, and He wants to save you! Please don't reject Him; it is a mistake you can never take back once you are dead.

Mari said...

Lloyd, I am devastated and practically in tears. This is something that is getting out of control, the homosexuality is being portrayed as 'normal" everywhere. In the tv, radio, schools, public places etc. In this island where I reside now you never saw homosexuality out in the open before, but lately even a merengue song was released and is very popular about a boy liking another boy. The Bible says it clearly, but we get condoned by todays society for preaching "that homosexuality is not normal and is not God's will". May God help us.

Thanks for sharing this post.

AndHe said...

I am a Christian also.Sodom was destroyed because God could not find ten good people there;although many interpret that he destroyed it because of homosexuality.
We all need to look at our Bibles.
What I find curious in all this is how our prejudices guide our opinions.
If all the men and boys in my area surrounded my house and wanted to have sex with my son or my daughter or if all the women and girls surrounded my house for the same reason;it would be wrong.It would not be because of their heterosexual or homosexual orientation.It would be unfair to my family,and our world that God loves so much. All my peace my brothers and sisters.
Thanks Lloyd

Laura J. Davis said...

I just saw your post and thought I would clarify a few things. Pastor McVety was originally cancelled because he spoke out against the new gender identity sex curriculum in Canada that is soon to be implemented. Yes, they will be teaching our children, as young as 8 years old, sex education that will include topics on gender identity. Apparently, our government thinks children this young are confused. I'm pretty sure that after teaching them this junk, they will be.

Also, yesterday a bill passed in Canada, that will now allow transgendered men access to women's washrooms and vice versa. Now, cross-dressers can have access to not only the women's washrooms, but locker rooms as well. This new law has made it possible for peeping toms and paedophiles to gain free access to women and children without repercussions. Why? Because if a woman complains about a man dressed in women's clothing in the women's washroom, she will be charged with a hate crime. I am a Canadian and I am incredibly upset with the way our country is listening to the rights of the few, while taking away the rights of the many.

Garnetrose said...

I am not familiar with this pastor or what he said. If he was preaching what the bible says, he did not cross the line. It is very hard for me to discuss this because my daughter has been involved with women and it hurts me to the core but I still love her. It is wrong and I know it is but living with a man and not being married is wrong too and that is what my other adult daughter has done. All I can do is pray they both come back to the God they were raised to believe in.

I have one thing to say about the gay issue. If you are a christian, you know this lifestyle is wrong and a christian pastor should be allowed to preach what the bible says without fear of losing his job.

Clint said...

Hi Lloyd....You ask the question on my blog, "Who will remember me?"

Lloyd, you do know, don't you, that you have touched far more people than you will ever know. You will be remembered by many; but the important thing is that you will be with our Lord.

God bless, and keep doin' what you're doin'.

Dean Spencer said...

Lloyd -

You do have a way of hitting hot-button topics, don't you? I do appreciate your heart, Lloyd. We all need to pray against the wickedness that is running rampant.

I agree wholeheartedly with Ian Curtis. I don't think I could put the issue out there any better. What else can we do as believers than to warn others of God's wrath?

This isn't only about homosexuality, but all sin. The Bible makes that clear, that we are all sinners and none of us are good. Our righteousness is nothing but filthy rags.

God never condoned sin. God doesn't condone adultery, fornication, and Jesus even made a point about lusting after a woman with our eyes. AND God doesn't condone homosexuality.

That's it. I'm glad you have this venue to share the truth Lloyd. I hope many hear the Truth being shared here and seek Jesus for themselves!

God bless!

Anonymous said...


For a really good blog dealing with this subject.

It really talks about how Bible believing Christians need to make a stand against this kind of filth.


Cheers neighbor!

Anonymous said...

McVety's show was not removed from the air because of his opposition to homosexuality. It was removed from the air because he blatantly lied and used false statements to support his opinions, acts that violated the stations's code of conduct, a code that McVety agreed to when he started his program.

Given that this is a Christian blog, I am surprised that it condones lying and breaking promises.

Lloyd said...

Anonymous – Apparently you did not read the two related news articles on this post. It is easy for you to come onto my blog and tell me that “everything” in this post is lies… but do you have anything to support your statements. You are right when you say this is a Christian blog, but given the facts here, who are we to believe? If you have some concrete evidence regarding this post being “a lie” please let me know and I will check into it.