Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So, why is incest wrong?

by Albert Mohler

December 21, 2010 ( - There are certain questions now pressed upon us that previous generations would never believe could be asked. One of these is thrust upon us by events in New York City, where a well-known Ivy League professor has been arrested for the crime of incest. What makes the question urgent is not so much the arrest, but the controversy surrounding it.

David Epstein is a professor of political science at Columbia University, where his wife also teaches. He previously taught on the faculties of Harvard and Stanford. Last week, he was arraigned before a judge in Manhattan, charged with a single count of felony incest. According to authorities, Professor Epstein was for several years involved in a sexual relationship with his adult daughter, now age 24. Click "here" to read the full article.


I found this to be a very interesting article writen by Albert Mohler who is the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am just waiting, like many other Christians, for the cry of "discrimination" against incestuous acts well as "discrimination" against bestiality, polygamy, and pedophilia to come to the forefront of our socially elite, liberal court system.


RCUBEs said...

Just passing by to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This is interesting indeed! How often spiritual leaders talk so much about God's love and acceptance. "I don't want to be judgmental" they'll say. But how come they don't talk about God's wrath on sins?

MTJ said...

Hi Lloyd,

I read this article with interest. It points out a basic flaw in human thinking; distinguishing wrong from wrong.

I have long thought it contradictory for abortion rights advocates to condemn violent acts of murder, with the exception of the unborn.

The issue of incest is opposed from both a moral and biological position. Several years ago, it was revealed that writer, director and actor, Woody Allen had been having a sexual relationship with his adopted daughter while married to Mia Farrow (the adopted child's mother). There was very little public outcry from this news, and eventually, Allen married his adopted daughter when she reached legal age.

I said this to point out that we are faced with situational ethics that continue to undermine the basic laws of humanity and society. For those who do not subscribe to the spiritual consequences of these choices, there is stiil an undermining of our society. One cannot pull a brick from a wall and expect the structure to remain stable; I believe this holds true for the shifting moral consciousness of our society.

I will be following the case of David Epstein with interest.

Blessings and peace to you and family as you celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Warren Baldwin said...

I hadn't heard about this. So sad. Obviously wrong for at least two reasons:
1) Bible says it is.
2) Damaging to the younger member of the incestuous relationship.

We need prayers for our society! wb

GOD thinker said...

Lloyd, Thanks for this interesting article. I agree that this is a slippery slope that our culture may rationalize very soon.

God doesn't say things are sinful to keep us from "fun" or to make our lives harder. He calls things sinful that He knows will hurt us and that are not like His nature (which He calls us to have as well). It is for our benefit that we avoid such practices. If only the world knew it much pain and sorrow would be avoided.

Carnival said...

So true. We must know right from wrong, sin from righteous living. Relativism is one of the greatest sources of sin in this era.

Dear Carissmi said...

You bring many topics upfront. Awareness is the first step in changes. I am following you now.

Tonjia said...

Incest is wrong because it is adultery, which Jesus spoke against, in very strong terms.

Jo said...

Hi Lloyd - thanks for stopping by my blog, great to me you.

This is an interesting topic - why would anyone think incest was ok?

C.J. said...

I wrote a post about this, myself. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

dfish said...

Once again, this is not a new issue, but it is definitely one that is growing worse. A couple near Albuquerque were arrested just this past week for it.

Several years ago, a sunday school teacher accused the church of being unfair when they put him out of the church for incest, saying it was just natural. As The Bible says, every way of man is right in his own eyes. If there is no absolute standard, then anything is acceptable.

Kirsti said...

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas
It's been nice to read your blog.
Thank you.

God bless you with love.

Jane said...

Just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

ARTE E VIDA said...

Que os sinos do Natal sejam mensageiros de Boas Festas, e que o Ano Novo seja repleto de realizações. Feliz Natal e Próspero Ano Novo.

Rose Prado said...

Hi Lloyd, Thanks for this interesting subject. My English not is good, but i just passing to say "I agree with you about incest is wrong and sin!" Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year! If you want go to my God Bless You every day in a new year!

JT said...

Merry Christmas! May God Bless You.

Brenda Gale said...

It will be interesting to see what they decide. In the mean time we can pray. "Lord, let Your kingdom come and Let Your will be done in this situation and have mercy on us all. Amen"

Bless you!
Brenda Gale

David said...

Sad and pathetic, but thanks for posting. As our culture moves further and further from it's anchor in basic Christian ethics into a moral antinomianism..I am afraid these sorts of stories are going to get uglier and uglier. That and more viewed as representing "acceptable" behavior by the public at large. Without certain and clear moral presuppositions most of our non-Christian neighbors will begin to yawn at such stories. Such raw subjectivism will ultimately wink at all sin. Makes me glad I am pushing 60, but worries me ceaselessly for my children and grandchildren.

Gladys Hobson said...

Incest can never be acceptable. Did it not once make whole communities mentally and physically weak? It is not against the law just for religious reasons.
What is more, for a father to lead astray his own daughter or mother her own son for sexual gratification, surely that is totally immoral as well as illegal.

I'm also dropping in to wish you all 'over there' a blessed 2011. And to thank you for occasionally 'calling in' at my blogs.
A wonderful thing to have worldwide friendships through blogging.