Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Barack Obama's Religion

By Dave Hunt
The Berean Call

Q. Do you think President Barack Obama is a Muslim? I respect your answers to questions.... I just read an article in which the author thinks Obama is a "closet" Muslim.

A. It would seem that rather than being a closet Muslim, Obama is more of a universalist with some new age beliefs thrown in. Consequently, he may be sympathetic to Muslims but always identifies himself as a "Christian." His "Christianity," however, is not biblical Christianity, and those with whom he has associated are known for their Liberation Theology - an attempt to marry Christianity with Socialist/Communist principles. Click here for the complete article.


It seems that we have all been wondering if President Barack Obama, who claims to be a Christian, is in fact a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. This article by Dave Hunt pretty much explains why President Obama has allowed the world (devil) to influence his judgment as President. The simple truth is that President Obama is not a Christian. I have always considered President Obama to be one of the most anti-Christian presidents in the history of the United States. Now, after reading Dave Hunt's article, I can understand why. Please continue to pray for our country and the ungodly politicians that run it.

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GOD thinker said...

Great article! I think there are many others in America who like the president call themselves Christians but are not really. I pray that God would get a hold of them all and bring them into a true saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Warren Zoell said...

Obama is neither or secular. He is whatever is expedient for him at the moment. It's all about driving his socialist progressive agenda. His real religion is himself.

rcubes said...

He's always playing it safe. He's always pleasing whatever demands/needs from others need to be pleased...It's not surprising he won't say much about his faith. But actions speak louder than words. The Bible speaks of the sole truth...So, it's easy to know where he stands...Yes, we must keep praying incessantly for the Lord to either change these ungodly people's hearts or install godly leaders. God bless.

Clint said...

Thank you for being not only politically incorrect, but also CORRECT.

aec said... and and

Tell about Pres. Obama's faith. In his own words. There is commentary on the tapes, which is unfortunate because Pres. Obama's facial expressions are more explanation than anything else.

ruraldiplomat said...

Am inspired by your blog however my soul is in turmoil, after watching human suffering first hand your conscience is pricked.......I want to believe that God is loving....I want to believe that God is kind....I want to believe that God is compassionate....above all I want to believe that we are all equal before GOD...........Am with you brother.

ruraldiplomat said...

Dear friend,I have read the book of 2kings 6:19...7:20...about the hunger in Israel and the miracle God played to solve the problems.I do not wish to be the captain who doubted the words of Elisha.I now believe you, servant of God.

Crystal Mary said...

I do not believe him to be a Christian, rather a chameleon!! changing to whatever suits the occassion... His only thought is of himself. He is his own God! I could be wrong, but that is how I see fake.
I pray he gets toughed by the Lord and becomes a strong believer. Let's all agree in prayer for that. God Bless you friend.

Judy said...


I have not read the article and probably won't due to time constraints. I don't think we should be judgmental toward Pres. Obama. How do we really know whether President Barak Obama is a christian? Did we question whether former pres. George Bush was a christian or Pres. Clinton or Carter or Reagan? Or any other president for that matter? Why single out Pres. Obama?

Pres. Obama has his flaws. I don't like his stance on abortion at all. But at least he is trying to run the country as best he could. He is taking a lot of criticism from Republicans, more so than any other president has and he still holds his head high. I have heard him confess Jesus as Lord on a number of occasions. And the bible says that man can't utter such words unless he is prompted by the Holy Spirit. Only God knows our hearts and whether we truly believe in Him as savior and Lord. We are not to judge. We must leave judgment to almighty God.


Barbara said...

He speaks with a forked tongue, on all subjects, including religion.

Sheila Deeth said...

I'd rather not judge, but Biblically speaking aren't we supposed to honor our leaders and pray for them, love our neighbors as ourselves, and focus our minds on what is good--as well as not judging?


A very controversial subject Lloyd. I am reluctant to judge anyone, but the Word of God says we are to judge those who claim to be of the faith. All I can say is that I have a discerning and gnawing presence in my spirit about Barach Obama. When I see a Godly man or woman on TV or in person, my spirit bears witness with theirs that we are children of God. My spirit does not bear witness with Barach Obama. It is quite the opposite. I discern a bad, dangerous spirit from this man. If that offends anyone, so be it. I am compelled to speak the truth that the Holy Spirit reveals to me.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Several folks have commented that they "don't want to judge". However, according to the Bible Christians are to judge the works and behaviors of FELLOW Christians AND in love encourage them to repent and return to the straight and narrow path of the Lord.

I did read this article, but it did not conatain anything information I didn't already know. A quick look at his jr. senatorial voting record during his presidenial campaign, was enough to confirm to me that anytime this man claimed to be Christian, he was OUTRIGHT lying.


Ian Curtis said...

Hello, Lloyd.
I know that there is something of an air of timidity in Christian camps when it comes to judging. Some rely on Jesus' words from Matthew 7 when He says, judge not, and be not judged... Yet our Lord also commanded us to make just judgments, and to test the spirits. Indeed, upon reading more it appears, by our president's own confession, that he is a universalist of sorts; he acknowledges Christ as Lord, but not as the only way to God. In this regard he agrees more with Mormons, Universalists, and New Age than genuine Christianity, which tells us there is one Lord, Christ. I am not judging the man himself (I don't know him) but I am judging what he confesses verses how he lives out such confessions. Is he Christian? Has anyone heard him articulate the gospel and say he believes its exclusive claim? Until such time, I regard his spiritual stand in the same light as Glen Beck: paying lip service to our Lord while "keeping the door open" so to speak. We should not be afraid to draw wise, rational judgments from what others say and do in regard to their profession of faith. It is called discernment in the Bible. Join me in praying for President Obama, and our government, that we might have just rulers, and peaceful lives to promote Christ's gospel. Thank you for your stand on truth, Lloyd; you are truly beloved to me. Your brother in Christ, Ian.

JT said...

I can not judge any man. That is up to God.

Nicole said...

Great post! I know we aren't supposed to judge anyone as everyone is saying but when Obama shows more tolerance for other religions than Christianity then that also shows me that he isn't much of a Christian at all!! This country was founded on Christianity and now it has been almost pushed out and the muslims and atheists are what seems to be ruling things.
Bush let us all know that he was a Christian and wasn't afraid to let it be known and to pray with a heart and real meaning to it!

Lydia Kang said...

Thanks for following my blog. I appreciate the conversation you open on so many topics here!

Lauren said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

And just a comment for those who say we're not to judge: I Cor. 2:15 says "...he that is spiritual judgeth all things." John 5:24 tells us to "judge righteous judgment."

Sandro said...

I would like to congratulate him and the great blog posts.
Continue this great work.

God bless.


Peggy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have not read the whole article but have read others and have decided that Pres. Obama is president because our God has allowed it. The scriptures say that no man has been put into power except by Him, so we need to pray for him and other leaders .. REALLY pray .. and beseech the Lord for a Godly man to take his place in 2012!

Repentance as a nation wouldn't be a bad idea, either ...

Miawa said...

Wonderful post to spread The Word. He may or may not be Muslim which isn't as important as "he may or may not be Christian". I believe absolutely that Obama's actions/choices are not those of someone who represents our Christ and Lord, Jesus.
Socialism is not something (I believe) that the American public is ready to convert to (never will be) and he believes he can "slip" it past us.
"One Nation Under God" - I know we show all the signs of weakness, of slipping away, and not standing tall and strong but, many of us are still standing with God and spreading The Word.

Dean Spencer said...

Lloyd -

Thank you for this informative post. I have, for the most part, believed President Obama has been a closet Muslim. After reading this, I have to agree that President Obama is more likely a universalist.

Through reading some of these other comments, there's enough said about whether we are to judge or not to judge. I'm not even sure that's relevant to this discussion. We do need to know who our leaders are and where they stand on issues that matter to us as Christians.

Unfortunately, we have many ungodly leaders elected to office. But that's not much different than in Daniel's day or even in the days of the early Christian church. What we do see is Daniel and Paul providing examples of us praying for our leaders, giving them due respect, and obeying in the civil matters of authority. The only places where you see David or others disobeying civil authority is when it forced them personally to do something that directly violated or contradicted God's commands.

Prayer seems to be the greatest response for us as Christians. But we also need to honor God through respecting authority because He did place the kings and rulers in those positions.

Some of this has come up in our pastor's teaching recently and I feel personally convicted for disobeying God in this matter. I need to learn to respect President Obama and his authority and respect the office of the presidency.

Thank you for the spirited debate. :) I'm certainly learning in this and hope as Christians we truly can honor God by learning how we should respond to our leaders in a Biblical way.

God bless!