Thursday, August 12, 2010

Green Light to Same-Sex 'Marriage'

By Peter J. Smith

Updated 5:09pm EST

SAN FRANCISCO, August 12, 2010 ( – A federal judge says he will lift the stay he imposed on his ruling striking down Proposition 8, California’s constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn Walker in San Francisco issued his decision Thursday, just five minutes past his self-imposed deadline of 12 P.M. PST, rejecting arguments by attorneys defending Prop.8 that the stay should remain in place until a final decision was issued in the appeals process.

The judge’s order will allow same-sex couples to acquire marriage licenses beginning August 18 at 5 p.m.  Click here to read full story.

Well folks.....What can I say, except that we need to continue to pray for our government and the people that are elected or appointed to the positions that can make an everlasting change in the way we live here in the good old U.S.A. God's blessings and mercy too each and every one of you.


misslynda said...

I agree with your comments and couldn't express it any better. Thank you!

DeanO said...

James 5:16 ...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

sunnycalgirl said...

): God have mercy...upon all inhabitants..of the world and those seeking same sex marriage.

Dean Spencer said...

Lloyd -

Sometimes I wonder if I'm dreaming all this stuff up. But I find that reality is kicking in. Christians have been silent in the public square for too long, but even now it seems that God's still small voice is being ignored and this world is seeing the results of it. I pray that God will have mercy upon us and our country.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

God bless!

aec said...

Loyd, Thank you for your message about God's path.

On another subject, where did you find the webcode for 'We speak your language translator', I'd really like to add that to my blog... Anne-Laurel Scripture for Today Blogspot. Thanks!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

A very tricky question to answer,
I suppose this has been going on for many a year and people have turned a blind eye to it,
Whether it's legal or otherwise it's not going to change the way people feel......this is only my opinion.


MTJ said...

Hi Lloyd,

We live in a nation where certain types of human behavior is encouraged by the judicial system. I don't agree with the concept of same-sex marriage but I don't agree with the level of divorce in our society (particularly among Christians) either.

We seem to be challenging the question that asks, Shall we continue in sin so that grace may abound? I can do whatever I want to do, but not everything I want to do, is the right thing to do.

In America, women have the legal right to terminate a pregnancy, schools have the authority to issue condoms and advise minors on contraception and abortion without parental concent. Both homosexuals and lesbian are finding legal refuge in various parts of our nation.

I fear there is no easy answer. America governs a nation of people with different religious beliefs, different lifestyles and different views on morality and ethics. If we were a nation governed by our Christian beliefs, practices and lifestyle what other conflicts would our society be facing today? Would we be exchanging one set of problems for another.

Again, I don't support (spiritually, legally or morally) a lifestyle of same-sex relationships/marriage but I also recognize that I live in a secular society and many of the judicial, political and legal decisions passed have to do with the kind of society I live in.

I find that the voices of those who say, "This is wrong for our country" is muted by those who are empowered to ajudicate and legislate for the good of all. But support isn't just in the courts and legislature; many churches around the country support this lifestyle as well.

Ultimately, God will judge those who opened the doors of permissive immorality and perversion. But judgement will also come upon the church of God.

Ron (The Old Geezer Blog) asked the question "Are we to love the sinner but hate the sin? How does that work?"

I pray for our nation.

Blessings and peace to you my brother. I appreciate your post and link, your subject generated a great deal of thought from me.


Grammy Blick said...

If this isn't the falling away before His return, perhaps we can get back to the foundations upon which our nation was built. Good post.

ElderChild said...

Sadly Lloyd, seems the desires of this place in the world they call the u.s. of a. yet hold you captive ;-(

Some two thousand years ago The Word of Truth bore witness to the FACT that "the WHOLE(not just a portion) world is under the control of the evil one", which of course would include the u.s. of a.!

Thankfully Our Father, HE has led me out of this world(babylon) and it's systems of religion.

HE opened my eyes to The Light that is The Messiah and gave me the courage and strength to take heed unto HIS Call to "Come Out of her, MY people"!

And so it is that i continue on what i like to call a no-madness journey. A living testimony to being an "alien and pilgrim while on this earth" for i know and believe that my "citizenship(Life) is in Heaven".

Father Help! and HE does.......

Hope is there are others who would take heed unto The Call to "Come Out of her, MY people"!

And Hope IS Alive!

For Miracles do happen.......

Father Help! and HE does.......

Zimbabwe said...

I read in one book that the begging of the fail of culture and civilizations always started with the acceptance of immorality. The best example could be Roman Empire. Bible says that we will live in the times like Sodom and Gomorrah. We must pray for Europe, Canada and USA and other coutries with this big fault.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Besides the obvious, it's also sad that the people keep voting on this, saying no, and then a judge overturns it. What happened to We the People and democracy?

dfish said...

I believe that when Christians allowed the church, and later the government to set the standard for marriage rather than clinging to God's, we opened the door for these problems. Until Christians return to God's standard we will suffer the consequences.

ElderChild said...

What one "MUST DO" is take heed unto The Call to "Come Out of her, MY people"!

"Come Out" of this wicked, evil world and it's systems of religion for those who follow The Messiah are no longer of this world.

They are but "aliens and pilgrims while on the earth" for their "citizenship(Life) is in Heaven".

For they know that "the WHOLE(not just a portion) world is under the control of the evil one" indeed and Truth.

RCUBEs said...

What's right to us, men, doesn't mean it's the same with the Lord. Praying...God bless.

One Heart said...

I agree with Zimbabwe and to me it is simply the Word of God fulfilled and the signs that our King approaches. Even so now, come Lord Jesus. We must continue to pray for the blind. Oh Lord, open the eyes and help us to not be deceived because all of us can fall.

IanH said...

You have elections coming up. Get out and support those in favour of judicial reform. Vote those judges out!
How can one man influence the whole country ( unless he's Jesus) and we know His stand on this issue!

Helena said...

Let alone same sex marriage being approved, it was approved OVER two separate votes by the people banning it. When did judges become more powerful than the people they preside over? I don't think THAT is Constitutional!


I think God must be getting real close to causing a big earthquake to shake my state of California into the pacific ocean.


My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Lloyd! :) Thanks for being my newest follower and I'm so glad you like my blog. :) I totally agree with what you're saying here...and what I don't understand is how one judge can overall millions of voters. It really makes me sick. God have mercy on this country.
I'll be chatting with ya later, have a great day and God bless!
I'll be your newest follower here in a second! :)

Lloyd said...

DeanO – Scripture is always welcome… God bless.

Dean – unfortunately you are not dreaming. You are right when you say “Christians have been silent in the public square for too long”. We as believers have to stand up for Jesus and let the world know who He is and what our Mighty and Awesome God expects from use.

Yvonne – The devil works his way into people’s lives slowly and before you know it “sin” becomes acceptable. It really doesn’t matter if an act is legal or not – what matters is if the act goes against what God say’s in His Word (Bible). God blessings too you.

MTJ – Thank you for your comment. I agree with you whole-heartily. And, at the end, “Every knee” shall bow and be judged by God. For the unbeliever there will be the Great White Throne Judgment and for the believer there will be the Judgment Seat of Christ. God bless.

Grammy Blick – I personally do not think that the USA will ever get back to the foundation in which it was originally formed. And I know that it will be getting a lot worse before our Lord returns for His Church. God bless.

ElderChild – I want to thank you for your visit and comments. I have a hard time understanding what you mean by being captive in the USA or you being led out of this world (Babylon) and it’s systems of religion… I can only say that I will pray for you for the peace, joy and happiness that only an intimate relationship with Jesus can bring.

Zimbabwe – I totally agree with you. Every great nation that existed met their demise when they turned their backs on God and sexual immorality ran ramped. God bless.

Alex – Christians only have their selves to blame because they are not getting out there and voicing their opinions and voting.

Dfish – You are right. However, it is my own personal opinion that any “church” that allows sexual immorality to pop its ugly head within their congregations do not have Jesus within its walls. There are still lots of Christian churches out there that love the Lord and will be caught up in the clouds when Jesus returns.

RCUBEs – Thank you for your visit and comments.

One Heart – Zimbabwe hit it right on the head. There is no doubt in my mind that we are in the end-times. But until the Day of the Lord comes, we must get out there into the world and do God’s work.

IanH – Unfortunately when elections come around the Christian community seems to be sleeping. I have talked with Christian friends who have voted on a person because of what “they” promise to give them if elected. We need to vote our Christian values, but many do not. God bless.

Helena – In this particular case, Judge Walker, who is openly gay himself, is taking a chance on the Supreme Court ruling in his favor. Lots of politics and no godliness.

Old Geezer – I was going to ask you Ron…. Have you got your ark built yet? Thanks for the visit and comments. God bless.

Missy – Thank you so much for your visit and comments. Yes, sometimes it is hard to believe how one person can effect the life’s of millions, but when “you da judge” I guess whatever you says goes. God bless.

Jingle said...

thanks for sharing...
I wish you a lovely day!

ElderChild said...

Simply sad for you Lloyd ;-(

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

I share your conclusions, Lloyd, that the news of our days should prompt us to pray and put our trust in God's sovereign care and ultimate authority. That gives me confidence and comfort.

The Warrior said...

It ain't over yet....

The Problem with Religion said...

Sorry Lloyd - typos in my first attempt - this should read a little better.



I do find it odd all this whining about same-sex marriage. It seems to me there is a great deal of emphasis about outward morality, with many Christians (and Muslims, Jews, Hindus etc.). So much fuss made about three or four verses of scripture when there are so many more that are happily ignored – often by those who claim to be the faithful. There are two ambiguous verses concerning same sex relationships in the Old Testament that many an Evangelical rants about. There are far, far more verses in the Torah concerning social morality – what can loosely be described as caring for the widows and orphans as well as the poor and the foreigners in the land.

Now it is one of those strange ironies that the kind of secular governments we have in Northern Europe have brought about far greater enactment of ‘social morality’ than is found in the USA – or in the ‘Christian Europe’ of the past. And strangely enough, these ‘secular societies’ where church attendance is around 7-8% - compared with around 50% in the US – have lower divorce rates, fewer teenage pregnancies, a higher average age when young people first have sex, far less violent crime and murder and greater social equality.

Therefore perhaps it is possible to suggest that condemning the queer fulfils a useful role here. Much of the ‘social’ (and not to mention personal) morality noted above is costly; costly in terms of money but also time and personal action. Whereas condemning the queers is cheap – you can bleat and moan, but in the main it is something that doesn’t touch you personally and by just condemning the queer you can take comfort in the belief you are doing God’s will. Emm perhaps a little more scrutiny of the Bible will reveal that there are far, far more things you can get hot under the collar about. But no, it’s easier, cheaper and all together less challenging to one’s own and community religious and moral conduct to condemn the queer. You should thank God for the queer; they make the feeling better about oneself that is so much a part of religion, all the easier!

One other point, where in the New Testament is there any mention that Christians should have a say or rule a society? Jesus, Paul and Peter explicitly state that Roman rule was okay and the laws of Rome should be obeyed. Are there any records of Jesus saying, when he famously states: ‘Render to Caesar’ –‘ on second thoughts don’t because he’s a pagan ruler?’ Paul, Peter and John all note that Roman – non-Christian – social order should be obeyed. Indeed, history and the present day bear witness to the fact that the more overly religious a society, the more corrupt and hypocritical that society. Perhaps that is why Christians should do what they do and let a secular, democratic (note the small ‘d’) government do what it does for the whole population rather than just consider the preoccupation with ‘cheap’ morality of the supposedly Christian.

Just a few thoughts...



Lloyd said...

The Problem with Religion – First of all I want to thank you for your visit and comments. Even though I do not agree with your line of thinking and reasoning, I do respect your opinion.

First of all I do not believe that it is “whining” when a Christian takes a stand against same-sex marriages or “homosexuality” in general. The Bible is very clear about Homosexuality as being a “sin” and that it should not be practiced or condoned. Paul speaks strongly about this in Romans 1: 26-32. When you read verse 26, it’s clear that it is unnatural to have sexual relations between women. Lesbianism is against nature; it is contrary to the intention of the Creator.

In verse 27, Paul is describing the unnatural sexual relations between men (homosexuality). In Lev. 18:22, homosexuality is labeled an abomination, something detestable to God both ritually and morally. Ritually, it was detestable partly because it was practiced in Canaanite religion, which God had commanded Israel not to follow. However, in this passage, the point is not that homosexuality is a sin that should be punished. Rather homosexuality itself is the punishment. Having rejected God and become idolaters, some men have been given over to their shameful passions (v. 26). Thus they receive in themselves the penalty of their error.

These verses contain one of the most extensive lists of sins in all Scripture. The list shows the exhaustive sweep of human moral depravity (compare all in v. 29). You might also note that while society tends to rationalize certain sins, God judges all sin. These sins particularly reveal our rebellious hearts. All, without exception, deserve God’s punishment.

I want to personally tell you that I am not “condemning the queers” and I certainly do not “bleat and moan” over the unsaved soul who will not repent of their sins and accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. My heart goes out to you, as a human being that has an unclear teaching of who God really is. Even with all of your education in religion and theology, you are still missing one very important aspect of a true Believer…”It is all about Jesus and not about me.” It is about serving God, not about God serving us so we can be happy and free to do anything we want to do.

On your last point, I can only tell you that Paul made it clear in Romans 13: 1-5 that believers are subject to the governing authorities. However, there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. As Christians we are to be subject to these various authorities, even if these authorities are evil as Nero (a.d. 54–68), the emperor of Rome who cruelly persecuted Christians. When Paul wrote this letter, Nero was in power. Yet Paul exhorted the Roman believers to submit to Nero’s authority, because that authority was ordained by God Himself. Now when the “governing authorities” issued laws that went against God, then the believers rebelled and faced the consequences of their decision to follow Jesus. That was why there were so many martyrs back in the early church.

I ask you in Christ’s love to read the side-bar studies on this blog regarding homosexuality and pray about what God is telling you. God bless, Lloyd

The Problem with Religion said...


Thanks for the thoughtful comments.

Oh the Bible says this and the Bible says that... I can put my hand on my heart and say that this very day you will have ignored – sometimes wilfully and sometimes by ignorance or habit – many of the injunctions of Scripture.

I think the major point of my comment stands – that by bleating on about homosexuality many Christians think they are being ‘righteous’ when they are really just being the Pharisees of the 21st century. It would be refreshing to see the same passion in your blog applied to a complaint about the government’s treatment of foreigners or illegal aliens in the US or the shameful (for a supposedly democratic, modern nation) record America has on imprisonment – the Land of the Free it may be, but America, per capita, puts more people in prison than Iran and China put together (though has a much higher rate of crime, particularly violent crime than many developed nations – so obviously prison isn’t a deterrent)!! (These are all issues the Torah and the N.T. clearly make uncompromising points on, points many Christians happily ignore – their minds no doubt taken up with really serious issues like Lev 18:22) No, it is better to bleat on about the queers and thus we’re showing what ‘real’ Christians we are. It would be interesting to note some real discussion of the problems of marrying free market Capitalism with Christian thinking – but no, stick to the ‘cheap’ morality of queer bashing. It gives that warm glow in the stomach that I’m doing God’s work and telling the ‘lost’ about their Saviour... It makes me feel better about me!

The figures are disputed, but a conservative estimate is that about 2% of the population of Western societies is homosexual. A quick glance through the last four months’ worth of your blog posts and we find 35 posts – 6 deal with the subject of homosexuality in some shape or form. That makes for 17% of posts in that period. And you try and tell me this is just ‘concern’ – it seems rather an over representative concern – which perhaps suggests my own thinking on this might have some foundation...

I will add, that I know my Scripture very well (I can even read the N.T. in its original language and don’t have to resort to block and pasting from other people’s blogs/websites for little gobbets on the meaning of this or that word in Koine Greek) and I will say that I have just as much right and ability as you to choose to interpret scripture in my own way. Thankfully, it is not up to you to decide the mind of God – or his mercy or Love. You, every day of your life, make compromises with Scripture and are probably rather kind to yourself in how you interpret other bits of the Bible (if you say you don’t then you clearly lack self-perspicacity or are enmeshed in self-deceit!) hence why put so much effort into worrying about something that doesn’t affect you? Is it cheap righteousness or real concern? I am flattered if it is the latter, but I am sure you can find many things in your own life and Christian lifestyle in general to apply the same scrutiny to (and I sincerely hope for your sake that you do! (Lk 6:37-38)). When you’re through doing that, then I will be happy for you to preach to me. Let me know when that is and I’ll be ready to listen. Try Matt 7:1-5 when you find yourself getting overly concerned with Lev 18:22 – if you and many like you did this, the world would be a much better place me thinks.

Have a blessed Sunday!



I note you’ve ‘de-followed’ my blog. In England we would ask ‘Are you taking your bat and ball home?’

Lloyd said...

The Problem with Religion - I will continue to pray for you. Lloyd

the_storie_goes_on said...

Lloyd- i do agree with the things you have said in this post.. but i have one slight problem. when you say pray for this nation. its not that i dont agree with you. this nation needs prayer BUT it also needs people to get up off their seats and to do something about it. those people are Christians (us). we have been quiet for far too long. Jesus did not just sit and pray, He did something. He was involved in the political realm. I dont mean He ran for office but He made sure to get His point across. How can we expect God to do something if we are not willing to to do something? Faith without works is dead. I believe that it is our fault that this country has strayed so far down the wrong path because for to many years all we did was sit back and pray and watch as evil men took office, as the courts passed laws they had no business to pass.

The Problem with Religion said...


Many thanks, I am sure it is more than I deserve...

Do be careful though, on that moral high ground, it's a terribly long way down if you slip...